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El Rey and Sasquatch

10-11-22, 7:15am - I just remembered seeing Sasquatch last night on the bathroom tiles. He is after all on the cover of my Visions From Outer Space book, as is this pyramid with an eye atop. It is similar to the one I included in my last post, along with portals opening. As for El Rey, that happens to be the one and only Vicente Fernandez. A man who knew as a child that his purpose was great. Because of that, he had the devil and angel of death behind him every step of the way. God does not make things easy for a reason. He does it to see how serious we are and make us a diamond in the rough. It is our job to rise above it all. While some sign a contract and get their get rich quick "gifts." They also sell their soul in the process. Only those of us deciding to not take the easy way out of life in order to fulfill our true purpose get knocked down repeatedly.

Took me awhile to figure that one out, let alone accept. This new series on Netflix has been a godsend, but before I write more about him, here's a bit from the last twenty-four hours.

I could not find my manual toothbrush this morning. Not for nothing. No trace, no case, nothing. Finally grabbed a new one from the extras bin then looked up spiritual meaning of toothbrush, and it is quite spot on God says. One meaning of many. I knew it was time to switch but bad arms make it hard to fathom reaching up lately. Arterial and venous thoracic outlet syndrome are wreaking havoc on arms.

meaning compliments of

So excited to be talking with Vicente Fernandez, yay!!!. He was such a favorite of my mother. Since her death in 2004, one of my biggest regrets has recently become never taking her to see him in concert. She did after all fly to Hawaii to see another FAV, Jose Feliciano (I Wanna Wish You A Merry Christmas artist). UGH! How could I? I offered her cruises, nope, afraid of water. Happy that I was able to show her some good times, but nothing will compare with what she will soon see from above.

How similar Vicente and my struggles have been. In asking him if it's true that soon God will be here. Yep, he shows me one foot over with the second foot raised and nearly down on our side of the matrix. When El Rey left in my vision, he walked off to a beautiful peaceful environment somewhere in the mountains, as I heard, "ranchero." Indeed with him in his mariachi suit that side of Heaven.

Most I talk with after their deaths are quite happy to be there. Too many spend their earthly lives trying to get "ahead" and look like they "fit in." Into what? God forbid they rock the make believe boat they got themselves in, for fear of sinking. Going unnoticed? Dressing like everyone else is a sure way to make yourself INVISIBLE. It is a fine line between self love and self respect. To have self respect you take care of your health and always want to look presentable, put together, and not like you just left the gym or got out of bed. I would be exhausted trying to look like the gal or guy next door. My goodness, how tiring that must be!

Self love while it can be good, all too often becomes the wrong kind. A more, "look at me," over the top dying for attention. Another reason some get a dog or "trophy" partner. UGH! I can spot them a mile away. I even hate those types of characters on TV.

So what's right? Dress your soul for the person you are. We were not created from a cookie mold striving to be someone else.

Therein lie the unhappiness and the need to always take the easiest way out of growth. A huge downfall of mankind. Unkind, yes. We will never be happy living someone else's life and/or making them rich. I give so much credit to #KanyeWest, #Ye for setting his soul free and being brave enough to talk about it with Tucker Carlson. He is not crazy, he is connected. As are more than 99.99999% schizophrenics. Only when we allow ourselves to hurt enough can we begin to hear God. Many homeless are proof. Of course, you God-ahh be ready because devil pretends to be God and others.

Anyhow, I know I already mentioned Ye in another post or online, but he and El Rey are worthy of writing about. Lost? Follow those you admire. Money or not. Even Steve Harvey put himself thru much to get where he is. Those are the types you should follow. Riches do not make us character worthy. Not all New Age is what you think it is. Fulfilling our lessons this lifetime, and getting thru the pain instead of running from it, is the fastest way to enlightenment. Diet and detox just happen to help make it quicker. Both sure propelled me.

Devil tempts my taste buds, but screw him, I work for God and the bright side of the Universe. As my body becomes more light, junk food just isn't worth it. You'll know you're on the right track when your former favs become too salty, too sweet, too heavy, etc. Embrace that and follow your gut not your taste buds. That's the devil keeping you from your, and only yours, purpose.

May all who read this consider going thru their own growing pains. Like a Drive-Thru, it takes some patience. Multiply that by infinity, because there is no quick fix when it comes to your soul.

May peace be with you all,



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