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Easy To Be Hard

How can people be so heartless? How can people be so cruel? Easy to be hard, easy to be cold. To those that walk to the beat of a different drum. To others liberated thru enlightenment and thinking outside the status quo. To those you call insane, when in reality… Insanity is doing the same thing expecting different results. Some of which include the rat race and/or going to church. When quite often those that do both all too often live to work and work to live yet, are still miserable. And in return, hardened by it.

Going to work for another is easy. So easy, it is easy to be hard to those not, and actually enjoying life. Very sad times we live in. With so many forward-thinking songs ringing true these days, here’s a portion of one that explains the stone coldness well. So well, it makes me cry.

Easy To Be Hard How can people be so heartless How can people be so cruel Easy to be hard Easy to be cold How can people have no feelings How can they ignore their friends Easy to be proud Easy to say no Especially people who care about strangers Who care about evil and social injustice Do you only care about being proud… Three Dog Night Songwriters: Galt Mac Dermot / Gerome Ragni / James Rado

Sadly yes. Why? Because we were all born Empaths. Yet, like a LEACH, the toxicity of this world has attached itself to too many. Pride then has them pointing fingers. Why? The worshipping of fellow humans and earthly matters, as if written in stone. Stone tablets were destroyed for a reason. Truth revealed. Why allow pride to tear families apart to the point of thinking people like me are the crazy ones? Then go on thinking that being a robot constitutes normal these days? I’ll take crazy over what this world is trying to force feed us to be. I play like I mean it, therefore I am not hardened. I also worship who and what God and The Universe set out before me.

Friend or family, we are all on the same team. Cliques are for grade school. No sweat off my soul for not playing according to 21st Century rules. Growing up in mind and spirit have become my priority. Not time and energy wasted on who is rubbed the wrong way with truth. Regressing or putting on five-year old gloves to appease those that refuse to grow up is not the cup-of-tea of a spiritually mature person. Like computers, we have been hard wired for upgrades, with that to include our soul and our senses, beyond the five basic ones.

Proof of living in light or dark is in how we age

To see a ninety-one year old mother with her three children last weekend was sheer beauty. What a sweet SWEET lady! No cane, perfect posture, dressed impeccably and hair done oh so pretty. Nice as can be with a mind just as sharp. While I am not easily impressed, when it comes to how a person ages I ask them their secret. Been doing it since my beauty school days. Her secret was her kids. An answer I was not expecting, but know without a doubt, love is responsible.

While it can be easy to let love rule, it becomes easy to be hard in your comfort zone. Especially, when life feels like one continuous let down. I’ve got firsthand experience on that one. However, once interpreted correctly, you begin to realize it is the NUDGING OF YOUR SOUL to course correct. So often it speaks, which is why we must always give thanks thru the good, bad and the ugly. It is during the pain and confusion that we grow and stretch beyond our comfort zone. Which may very well include agreeing to disagree face to face with family. There comes a time when taking the easy way out should not be an option. How so? Cut and dry texts, no response, all cop outs and disempowering. Which only makes the weak and bitter more weak and bitter. So be it if some of us are fearlessly transparent and only speak truth. People love to hate and hate to love, when in reality that is just a reflection of how they see themselves. If being popular is your drug of choice, how is that working for you? If keeping up with the Jones’s sets you free, why the competition?

Since deciding to become better not bitter and more powerful not pitiful, giving up on my soul’s journey has not been an option. It takes diligence to answer that call. The Universe needs to see what we are made of BEFORE we can reap what we have sown. Many would have never tasted Kentucky Fried Chicken had the Colonel given up after his first few tries. A THOUSAND letdowns later, one smart soul was interested. Like Louise Hay, neither were spring chickens when they launched their careers that made them famous. While his secret recipe is no longer original, their legends live on. What type of legend are we leaving? Or have we settled to become a footprint of nothingness? Lazy does not get much easier than that.

Since my near death and massive purge of an Ascension I was happy to have one witness, I have been in University training, and given a name to reflect it. We’re talking, e-v-e-r-y day! Without ever leaving home. Where do you think the likes of Nikola Tesla, Napoleon Hill and others got what they knew? Downloads, that is how. Upgrades and downloads will see us thru to higher Dimensions. Should you decide to remain in 3D then you’ve got dark, hardened and stone cold covered. And quite possibly, heartless and soulless like the song reads. For as long you allow yourself to be their pawn, Universal Holy World cannot help but YAWN.

May the Source be with all to stir things up in the best of ways. Rock the boat in favor of Mother Earth and the good of mankind. Change does not happen without change. Who CARES what your head says, follow your gut. No New Year’s resolution needed. Why live according to man’s calendar anyway? Universe longs to teach us before we are six feet under. Problem is, only when the student is ready will they appear. There is such a thing as judgment day, question is, how will you score? I’m tested daily, I know my score. I also get their approval before I post any thing publicly.

May you be blessed more every day to ditch your comfort zone, any and all pride, competition, and worshipping of earthly matters. It is in letting go that we are free. When that day comes, easy to be hard becomes, easy to say no. To the dysfunction you chose to bury. Only when you bury the hatchet will you be in agreement with your soul’s purpose. Forgive and live and let live.

To be or not to be enlightened?

Meanwhile, let's see if our Higher Ups would like to close. BIG YES…

“Thank you, we thought you would never ask. This is your father by the way. What we have here is failure to communicate. Why such a lack in responsibleness? What happened to incredibleness? Were we just bluffing in the Bible? No, that is because we were not asked to speak. There is no Revelation when plans are involved. You either get what you deserve or you sink. What will it be?" ~God my Father in Heaven~

And so it is. In spirit, with love.


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