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Easter In the Bible

Needless to say, I'm happy the question, "do the Guides have a special celebration up there?" was asked.

Because, it was an answer and day, I never expected. Nor will I forget...

"Easter is a time to celebrate the resurrection of Christ. Nowhere in the bible does it have Easter baskets.

In the bible, they celebrated with bread and wine. In the bible, they gave thanks and had mercy for the life of Christ. In the bible, they stayed home and rested in his honor.

In the bible, they were thankful for each and every day. In the bible, they wore robes of linen. In the bible, they took pride in keeping it simple.

In the bible, they went without, in order to go within. In the bible, they kept themselves pure. In the bible, they yearned for a walk with God.

In the bible, they had love as their weapon of choice. In the bible, they would not rip at a person's very soul. In the bible, man did not serve man. Nor did man even think of doing so. In the bible, they were fed, not with food. But with God's word.

In the bible, women dressed like women. Men like men. And children like children. Temptation never entered the mind until marriage. And fornication was unheard of before marriage.

In the bible, women treated their bodies with respect. There was no wearing under wear in public. Or allowing more than their baby to see their breasts in public. In the bible, men honored women's bodies.

In the bible, men were there for their women. In the bible, men did not see women as an object to be played with. Or used as nothing more than a maid, mother and playmate.

In the bible, men were distinguished. They prized themselves with good hygiene and thee attire to match. In the bible, men wore clothes that showed respect for themselves and their role as head of household.

In the bible, Easter was not a day to stuff yourselves silly or eat like there's no tomorrow. In the bible, candy was not served as an after dinner mint. In the bible, drinks did not include, all-you-can-drink drinks.

In the bible, food was food, not some packaged plethora of ingredients. In the bible, food was served on childlike plates. On today's serving size standards (that is). In the bible, food was cooked or eaten "as is," and never microwaved. In the bible, food looked like food, not some glob of nothing.

In the bible, we took pride in taking care of our body. There were no doctors to run to--we were the doctor. In the bible, we gave a DAMN. In the bible, we sat in gratitude, servitude and solitude.

In the bible, we never complained for what we didn't have. In the bible, we gave thanks for another day. In the bible, we made due with what we had. Or we'd fix, mend or make it like new.

In the bible, there were no shopping malls, online stores or door to door salesmen. Cars. What's that? We used our legs to go from Point A to Point B. In the bible, shoes consisted of one pair, clothes, 2 outfits and 1 jacket for all seasons.

In the bible, clothes were not an issue, nor did they symbolize status. In the bible, everyone and everything were equal. And friends weren't chosen for one's appearance, car they drove, or hairstyle they wore.

In the bible, people were simply healthy and happy. They did not yearn for anything more than another day of life, love, laughter, friends and family.

In the bible, people loved thy neighbor. In the bible, "Golden Rule" was the norm. In the bible, hate, jealousy and envy were unheard of. In the bible, care, compassion and kindness weren't just expected. They were praised.

Art did not consist of swear words, graffiti or tattoos. Jewelry, yes. But not for attention, but instead as a symbol of love, light and respect for their creator.

In the bible, there was no such thing as wicked. Wonder, yes. As in, interest in another person. Not in themselves. "Selfies" were grounds for decapitation. And finger pointing grounds for arrest. In the bible, there was no, "me this, me that." Only, "how may I serve you."

In the bible, people were delighted to serve, sit on the sidelines, and cheer for their neighbor. In the bible, people did not hoard more than their fair share of items, food and clothing.

In the bible, we were always content in the, "less is more" approach. And took pride in it. To us, that was a symbol of status and intelligence. Not your, "run by the mill," storage facility of a home. "Tiny Homes," were what everyone strived for. Not, what else can we add and throw away.

In the bible, life inspired us to be better versions of ourselves. Not a "cookie cutter" of everyone else. Sure our clothing was the same, but our thought processes were that of a snowflake. No two alike.

We must give thanks for what we have, what we've been given and what is yet to come. Saint Carmen just cried for what she's been given. Her heart continues to purify itself of past mistakes, trials, tribulations and setbacks.

Her heart is unlike many on planet earth. We all sit captivated by her love for channeling, compassion, concern and kindness.

She must go now but bids you all well this day of Christ's resurrection. She thanks Letty for the question asked. And realizes there may be some ramifications for Letty. But she always does, and posts, what is asked of her.

She sees Letty as being, in thee, "in crowd." And one who can shed light in what has become a dark world. One that most have taken for granted. Letty will be blessed for not only embracing what Saint Carmen has shared, but also for supporting Julianna for thee Ascended Master that she is. Eyes rolling, tongues curling. It is what it is.

As Saint Carmen is attacked while writing this. The dark side has been after her something fierce these last few days. Why? Because they want her stopped. As do certain souls on earth. Some of which, we may expose at a later date.

Some of which, will be striped of their titles in the very near future. Time will tell much. Carmen is not a force to be reckoned with, as she rebuke the dark side in writing this. She will choose when she takes her last breath.

We end with her being released of the dark side. One deep breath after another, and repeated rebukings. She has been able to share, Life In The Bible.

May you all be blessed with these words she fought to bring you. She shivers without quivering. As she does what she says, "breathes blessed air."

On behalf of all, we bid you farewell. It's time for Saint Carmen to eat and rest. So long, but not for long." ~Wusa, her Pleiadian pal, mom with wings and Nana Carmen (her great grandmother). With help from thee other 83 Guides~

**"damn" capitalized at their request.

Me: shall I post this after dinner? Yes Me: that was incredible. Amazing is an understatement. Thank you for seeing me thru it all. I love and appreciate you all. I will forever be in awe of the gifts I've been blessed with.

Time to eat 😉😘

Guides: you did good. We love you so much. Enjoy!

WOW! A day of gratitude, purging and heavy duty rebuking. Nice to know I can function under that state of attack.

May you be blessed to see the beauty of life in the bible. And... This time next year, celebrate for what it is.

Carmen 😇HM...

Me: any final words on what I wrote before and after? Guides: yes. Very good. Me: as I get attacked again, aren't I? Guides: yes. Now post (as they fade)

And so I do, before another attempt to stop me.

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