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Earthship Don't Know Shit

As told by God and thee Extraterrestrials.

Prior to becoming connected to all in the Heavens, I knew some life existed outside planet earth and in spirit. But never, would I have believed I'd be talking to stars in the Galaxy, ET's, God, my mom and more. Didn't take long to see that Heaven is a quite the happening place.

Filled with peace, love, fun and powers to multitask like never before. And because of that, they see, hear and feel everything.

Which is why they aren't exactly pleased.

"What was once life on planet earth has become life in planet earth. Now let me explain... As our beloved Saint brought to the forefront of us all. Is that life on other planets does exist. To say it isn't so, is to sell yourself short of what's to come. Yes, this is God your father in Heaven talking to you today. But I'm happy to tell you, I am joined by all the

"Extraterrestrials" on St. Carmen's Fire team. To say we've had enough would be an understatement, as our Saint say, wow. Yes, it's that time again. Time for us to once again bring more to her attention, of what's being said about her. As she take a deep breath. But yes my Saint, it is time you know the truth.

And it goes like this… whenever you post something that is not of this world, you've got eyes rolling and mouths chomping at the bit in utter disbelief. I'd like to see any number of you channel a fraction of what our Saint does. Is talking about people the best you can do on "channeling" information? We pity those of you who do, for your time on the seat of judgment before my throne awaits you. As Ms. Carmen Diana become ever more somber. Not so much at what's being said, but more that we're talking about her once again. DESPICABLE is one word I used to describe the hate coming from the hearts of so many that inhabit planet earth today. Just thee other day, we had our Martian friends in tears. Yes folks, tears do you happen in Heaven. They also happen amongst the Extraterrestrials of this world. Do you think I only created you? You who hate more than you love? Now you know why it is, they're afraid to visit more often than not. For fear you might kill them with your eyes and hearts alone. Who needs a weapon when you've got a soul that is on the verge of rotting its way into Hell!? As our Saint say, YIKES to all of thee above. And mean it, I might add.

Since when did I hand over the power to Earthlings to rule thee entire world that I created? Did I miss that memo? Answer me that people! And answer now or forever hold your peace, as our Saint check in on that one. You're hearing us correctly, and it is time for you all to fess up to all the wrongdoings you manage to accomplish each and every day. Day in and day out. Aren't you tired already of all the bullshit that you're comprised of? Yes, still me talking and joined by our ET friends and family. Yes, I love to break it to you, the news that is. But you best believe, that they are. I did not create this world to be in constant "one upping" of each other. No Siree! No way, no how!

To say you think you rule the world, is like saying, my son Jesus walked the moon. Neither could be further from the truth DAMN IT! Not at all impossible for my son to do, but that much of the Bible is true. With no mention of him walking the moon, you can believe that much is true. For, it is in rewriting the Bible, that our Saint and I will expose the lies and corruption, and unveil truth, liberty and justice. On an account to account basis. As I see our Saint's heart do a Woo Hoo of a cartwheel. If you could see what we see, you too would be amazed. It just might make a believer out of you!

What on God's green earth, yes mine, is it going to take for you ignorant Earthlings to justify whatever our Saint is saying as truth? But you know what folks? I take that back. We don't need to prove anything to anyone. Either, you do or you don't. For those that don't, a pity. I pity you for such a great loss in thee eyes of you who believe nothing that comes from the Heavens. Believe all you want what your fellow man tells you. See where that gets you! The time has come for us to reveal more information on what's to come for planet earth and all its inhabitants. For those going through Ascension, you will be subject to only a handful of the catastrophes that are about to take planet earth by storm. However, for those Ascended Masters with 12 Crystal strands of DNA, they will weather any and all storms that come their way. For they are built to last. One Ford commercial Mr. Henry Ford can agree on. The, "built to last" portion of it.

We are grateful our Saint continues to do what is asked of her in regards to her spiritual awakening. It is for that reason, she will live long and prosper. What has happened to you Star Trek buffs, or Star Wars fans for that matter? Do you think the movies could have come up with a fraction of what they do on their own? A question our Saint asked us this morning, knowing very well some of what is depicted in those movies and television series, can actually take place.

How is it that you think they came up with half of what was written? The writers of those movies and television series were channeling divine Extraterrestrial information. They may not have known it, but I'm here to tell you that's how talking to us happens. As our Saint has said time and time again, "it's" not all your thoughts going on between those ears of yours.

How is it you can become "buffs" of such propaganda? Yet ignore the written word as channeled thru me and into the thoughts of our beloved Saint, Ms. Carmen Diana? A sci-fi writer she is not, and we say that in a good way. She continues to be blessed with more gifts. So to think she has only just begun, no. It's more like she has not even stepped foot on simmer mode. No boys and girls, she's barely begun to warm up.

I leave you with this food for thought. Believe what you will or might. But I'm here to tell you, like it or not, more will be revealed. Ready or not, here it comes. And to those that believe in this, "stuff," even you are in for some real surprises. Mind blowing ones, we might add. Some of which will leave you wishing you had hopped on board this craft we call fun. It would behoove you to know the truth and nothing but the truth so help you God. Yes, still me talking with each and every Extraterrestrial giving their input as they see it. For, where would we be without them? And I'll leave it at that. Just know, that cell phone, laptop, or any electronic device that you've grown so attached to, those are not of this world. No dear children of mine. They are the original Tech wizards of the world. And don't you forget it. Give credit where credit is due. I rest my case and give a shout out of an Amen and Amen. We love you Carmen Diana. And it may be in your best interest to hook up that groovy microphone of yours. The one that looks like a planet, your ET friends and family just chimed in on. The one that your dearly beloved homeboy bought for you. Knowing very well you'd need it. The time has come dear one. You may give that cell phone of yours a break. Thee End and Thee End. Your mom says, MUAH!"~God, your father in Heaven with all Extraterrestrials riding shotgun~

**their requested signature

**as Teena Marie come on in my Pandora shuffle, God says... "Pump up the volume on that." She being 1 of 152 (as of now) expert guides there with God. Me: do you have a title? You're tapping your fingernails waiting on me?!

** just one of many daily things God does to make me laugh. And I, ever grateful don't just hear, I see.

God and ET's: Yes **on tapping Me: too funny! What'll it be? God and ET's: Thee Earthship Don't Know Shit

**had to double check. YEP!

Considering I've only seen one Star Wars movie and only snippets of Star Trek (way back when), this is all very fascinating! I DO intend on watching all the movies, at the very least. And, lucky me that I'll be able to talk it over with all my ET expert guides. Too kind!! They've just given me the head count of 83 ET's on the team now. Woo Hoo!

Only thing better than those big hit movies, is living amongst those depicted in them. Which, just happens to include my galactic friends and family. Some, I'm told I'll be painting. As they begin their happy dance!

To belong to something greater than this world as we know it, has made thee earthship that much more boring. I welcome all, and for that I'm blessed with more.

May you all be blessed to take to heart what God says. And perhaps just maybe, thank thee unseen world for all they've given you today. I know I do!


**in asking, good to go? They answer with a happy dance. Except, this one includes 3 more "ET's!" That makes 155 total, with 86 being Extraterrestrial. I sign off with a breath of blessed air!

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