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Earth In The Future

Back to the future is what they predict for the New Earth. With many already embracing local, organic and green building (just to name a few). What's old will become new and less will be more. YAY is all I can say. Gotta give Mother Earth a chance to resuscitate herself.

"She will breathe a sigh of relief," God says. "Enough garbage has been placed upon her, in the name of what?"

As you can see, they are all rather stoked. However, until Earthlings can grasp the concept that we are the Aliens, they the Celestial Beings, perhaps more will connect their spirit at a universal level, rather than ground level. That's the easy lazy way to live your life. To be grounded is one thing, to believe everything man tells you another. It's time we all get our information direct. They are called "Source" for a reason.

Meanwhile, these two paintings tell what this message is about. Flying "spacecraft" were the norm (as shown in the background of both). With God (not Jesus) at the cross, and two saucers on both sides in observation. There is nothing groundbreaking about it. This in reference to a Huffington Post article claiming, "Groundbreaking UFO video just released by Chilean Navy." They can huff and puff all they want, nothing new about it. However, in seeing that yesterday, they couldn't help but give a message...

"We are in awe of you. We know you know the truth. We would like you to share this video on your website. There is nothing groundbreaking about it. We have been around longer than dirt (to borrow that expression from you). **video on that link** Won't you join us in ringing in the New Earth, where flying "saucers" will be the norm. It is no different than when God, Jesus or Mother Mary graced planet Earth, as you can see. Times are changing. It is up to you to help the world see we are teddy bears disguised as what they refer to, "Aliens." Time to wrap up your morning, with too much on your plate already. We are enjoying the book. The Book of Truth, so aptly named to replace, The Covenant of The Ark. many more pages to go, but you are committed. We see your brain cells when you channel. What a delightful experience is all we can say. God wants us to conserve your energy. Please allow us to remain anonymous. Thank you. In you we trust."

As I hear, "WOW Di." Then ask... Me: a new planet? "No. Me: someone I already spoke with? "No. We can't tell you just yet, but we will be included in The Book of Truth. We must go, so you can. MUAH! Me: title? “Earth In The Future”

As you can see, nothing to fear. Unless getting to know yourself scares the heck out of you. It would be the greatest gift you give yourself. No pain no gain. Either way, ready or not something's gotta give. If not for the people, the planet. Those that did their homework will ride the tide like there's no tomorrow. Should you change with the times, you will be blessed.

Om... Shaka Laka!


Me: good to go?

"Yes, thank you. Whew! As in we are blessed."

"She will breathe a sigh of relief," God says. "Enough garbage has been placed upon her, in the name of what?"

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