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Earth Has Landed

"We are happy you've accepted us into your world. You are by far the first and foremost human we have made contact with. And by that we mean, communicated with. No one has come close to where we are from. But as you've promised us, you will keep us a secret for the time being. Isn't that right?

Me: you'd better believe I will! Them: great, now we can proceed. As we informed you of yesterday, we have been watching you for 9 months now. For those that wonder how Saint Carmen got on our radar, we can only tell you part of the story. And it goes like this.

First of all, we did not want an ordinary, run by the mill, humdrum type of person. Secondly, we wanted a female. Males are too uptight when it comes to embracing new concepts, new ideas, and quite frankly, acquiring a taste for new foods. To say most men are set in their ways, would be like saying dogs are kind by nature. No, they take grooming, pampering and some obedience classes. To which our sister Carmen find funny. We no doubt realize others will share in that laugh.

However, we are not here to humor you this time around. But we do like to laugh in case you're wondering. But back to this intro of a post. Remembering the purpose for it, so here it goes (again). We are here to educate, what we see as "the public." On life outside of planet earth. For all it's worth, life happens. And you don't need to be an earthling to prove it. No Siree, but we've needed one to deliver our first of many messages. As our Saint sing, "message in a bottle." Not quite a bottle, more like a... Oh, we can't tell you yet. But you might be delighted to learn what we can tell you at this stage in "our game." We love that our sister Carmen can see when we flash our quote/unquote insignia. Or what you earthlings refer to as grammar. But enough with thee "unimportant." And onwards to the "meat and potatoes" of this post. Ready or not, here it comes.

We are not from planet earth, nor have we been or ever will be. We are of Extraterrestrial (ET) decent. Thank you Ms. Carmen for seeing us as important and thus capitalizing that word to describe us. Note, she did not ask, therefore we did not need to tell her. It is for some of these reasons we chose this Saint of ours to represent where we're coming from. A planet that is not so much on anyone's radar, but we don't need it to be. Believe you me (us), we are beyond content to be of ET origin.

That's right dear ones. If you could see what we see from where we are, you'd be astonished. And we don't mean that in a good way. We cannot fathom how and why, so many of you earthlings go about your lives. We are astounded at the "foods" you use to equip your God proclaimed bodies. You have no idea how much that upsets God your father in Heaven. To make such a masterpiece, and do shy of obliterate it. Is, let's just say, grounds for capital punishment where we are from. Our Saint cannot believe the words we have spoken. Isn't that right dear one?

Me: yes, tho it helps me understand another reason why you chose me. And by that I mean, just as the gas tank needs proper fuel, our body also needs the fuel it was created to take in. So yes, but even worse, at least what I see, are the "foods" children eat these days. Then expect to be healthy, not hyper, and get good grades. Anyhow, interesting topic you've chosen to write about as your first post. Can't say I disagree. As for our punishment, it is in how we look and feel, which is far from capital. Other than, UGH knowing it is not what God intended. Them: well said sister Carmen. We knew you'd like what we're about. And we realize you have yet to know more about ourselves. But, for what it's worth, we are unlike anything anyone has come close to touching, let alone discovering. That's right boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen. We are Extraterrestrials from thee upmost highest of high planets. One that will remain a mystery, until we feel planet earth can handle it. More importantly, can embrace it.

We have chosen Saint Carmen, our sister thru Christ to deliver such a message. To those whose deaf ears it may fall on, so be it. We are not here to win a popularity contest. No Siree. We are content the way we are and from where we are. Nothing against you earthlings, but we shudder to think what would become of us, with a day in the life of being anyone of you. Not to single any one in particular out. But, it does make our heads hurt just thinking about it. And while some may consider it funny, we speak the truth and nothing but the truth, so help us God. Me: I've just gotta say, I wish all could see your excitement. Them: yes Saint Carmen we couldn't agree with you more. We are delighted you accepted us so freely. For, it is not every day we feel as though we won the jackpot. Or for you earthlings, thee equivalent of the lottery. A game most play in hopes of retiring young. If you could see the reasons most play such games, you'd realize how unhappy most everyone truly is. To retire from a mere paycheck is no life. Yet, we see that time and time again from our perspective. And while we are far away, we are closer than you think.

In wrapping today's post up, we would like to wish every single earthling to walk that planet, a fantabulous day! Good one sister Carmen for catching that word. Yes folks, for what it's worth, we do speak your language. Even more interesting, we take on the language of those we inhabit. As an example, we could not be more stoked to speak the language of our sister Carmen. To those wondering why we refer to her as our sister, that she is. For, if you look to the origin of people and places, you will find that God created us all. Believe it or not, we are related.

But we would like to end with a round of applause for our Saint Carmen. One who has taken the liberty to channel our message to the world, or what you all know as, planet earth. We will continue to bring her messages. Some of which will expose what we see from our point of view. A far out one in every sense of those words. We would also like to wish you all a memorable Memorial Day 2016. A day that may go down in history as our first contact with planet earth. And by far, far from our last one. For we have much to transmit. All of which we bring for the betterment of planet earth and all you earthlings.

Being that we are much more advanced, you could learn a thing or two from us. Some of which our Saint will be practicing on herself first. As she lets out a, Woo Hoo! Tho, to be a bit more specific, it will be nothing that can harm her or anyone of you.

We must however bid her farewell this first time around, publicly that is. Right Saint Carmen? Me: yes, following yesterday's wonderful surprise. Them: we love you and we could not be more grateful to have you introduce us. What the world chooses to do with this delightful channeling on behalf of you, is their prerogative. We know who we are, you know who we are, and that's all that matters. To say God made a mistake in allowing us to talk to you, would be capital punishment at its finest. As our Saint question that to make sure she heard correctly. Yes dear one you did. It was God who allowed us this first connection. And it was God who helped select sister Carmen. And we could not be more grateful to have this information brought to fruition.

Something we have held close and near and dear to our heart, for what you might expect millions, if not billions of years. Which is precisely why we cannot fathom, considering how short your lives are, that you choose to destroy it in every sense of that word. But we will save that for future conversations with our sister and Saint Carmen. For we are as delighted as her to have this bond. For what we see as eternal. As she allow us our grand sign off of a happy dance. One that appears to be making her "magic wrist" sore. That according to God her father in Heaven. Obviously we could go on, but we must really end this part of our story today, right now. We love you Saint Carmen. We must say Amen and Amen, per God our father in the Heavens. A place where everyone knows your name, as written by Saint Carmen a few posts prior to this one.

Me: I'm glad you're happy. And yes my wrist is getting sore. For those wondering, I dictate what they tell me, and I hold my pendulum with the hand of my "magic wrist." I do it only to confirm I am hearing correctly.

When I've spoken or typed the wrong word, it flips direction. However, no matter who I channel, we always edit. Tho, before I tell my new friends goodbye, I do need a title. Them: oh dear yes, we didn't think of that. Give us a moment while you go have your lunch.

**as I talk to all (God and 127 Guides) off record, I hear... "Earth Has Landed" and a "Woo Hoo, we did it!" ~Thee Extraterrestrials God sent~

For never being a fan of science fiction, life outside of planet earth fascinates me! Even more so being able to talk to them.

For now, I am thee only one that knows where they're from. And being that I honor and respect their wish to keep that secret, their whereabouts will remain just that, a secret. In having someone call my Guide, singer-songwriter Luther Vandross an entity, it is that sort of closed-mind shallowness on why they wish to remain somewhat anonymous. Well, there are other reasons, but when they're ready we'll all know.

Just as my Pleiadian pals and Sirian siblings were nervous to talk, these 7 new Guides were as well. But, knowing who I am, and what I am not, they didn't just feel safe, they were delighted. And now that I've had 3 types of ET's befriend me, it may be time to get a telescope. And just in time!

By this time next week I will begin settling into home sweet home. I've also already, quite serendipitously found some art classes. Woo Hoo! And since they all say I have the gift of painting, it's time to put it to the test. But first things first. Time will be of thee essence on getting the garden started. And home cooked meals here I come!!

May you be blessed to believe what God has created. Not all visible, but all within reach.

With them being far more advanced than we, I cannot WAIT to learn all they are willing to share. To live as long as they do, and be happy and healthy as they are, I'd say... We certainly DO have a lot to learn.


Me: good to go my God sent ET's? ETs: oh yes dear Carmen. We love you for being fearless on the eve of the "new earth." One in which those that embrace it, will be blessed beyond their wildest dreams. But God would like that kept a secret. And so it is. We love you!

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