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E=mc2, Reinvented!

Becoming a Medium has come with many surprises. Some of which, had I not been a Medium, I'd think were pretty farfetched.

To be told I'd have 22 Guides (from the get go), was like... WOW!!! But never, in my life would I have dreamt I'd be talking to nearly 150. Most of which, readers know nothing about. Although, "My Guides" page does mention quite a few. Fast forward to today and they now go by my, "team of experts." Each and every one. Then Henry Ford, Nikola Tesla, ET's and now, Albert Einstein. My GOODNESS! I've died and gone to Heaven!

Especially since He has been patiently awaiting 2 days now...

Mr. Albert Einstein: So what would you like to talk about? Me: I thought you had something in mind? Really, what ever you'd like to talk about. Of course, with the general public in mind. A message for all of us. Mr. Einstein: well in that case, I know exactly what I'm going to talk about. Thank you for giving me thee honor of choosing the topic Ms. Di. Me: thee honor is mine. Perhaps you can mention how long it is you've been watching. And why you chose to hop on board the fun ship. After all this time. Mr. Einstein: and so it is my honor to begin. Having been watching you, for what seems a very long time. Has really only been three years. Why I chose to hop on board, is another story, all of its own. So if we may, I'd like to save that for an entirely separate post, if I may? Me: absolutely. WOW, three years?! I know my Martian friends have been watching me seven years and have yet to tell me all the reasons why. As I giggle at all they've been through with me. You too actually. Mr. Einstein: yes Ms. Di, we've all seen you come a very long way in your journey. One that most would never embark on. You are a mighty brave soul, and for that you've gotten quite the following. Up here in the Heavens I should say.

What started out as someone talking about you, became a near full time job for many of us. We see your heart, your brain, and your soul. And we like what we see. But again, we will save that for another day of sharing, as to why I and many others came onboard. For today, we want a message for the general public, is that correct? Me: yes, that'd be great! Thanks for that info tho. Mr. Einstein: then let's get started, why don't we? For the day is passing us by. And I think you would agree. Me: yes on all. It's all yours. Mr. Einstein: nice. And thank you. What I want to share today may surprise some people. But I am not here to prove anyone wrong, nor am I here to do anyone an injustice. But as you might imagine, my brain continues to work. I may be in Heaven, but I am still very much alive. And it is for that reason, that I share with you, what I am about to share.

Remembering the fact that I am a scientist, I'll start there. When I stumbled upon E=mc2, I didn't believe in it myself. However, the formula worked, and for that I did not question it any further. The way it stands today, it could stand improving. Or I should say, it could use a substantial amount of tweaking. Yes, I speak your language now folks. What do you expect, considering I've been up here for so long. And only now, have chosen a living soul to speak my words, my formulas, and my thoughts. Sure I could have reincarnated by now. But honestly folks, no one has grabbed my attention the way Saint Carmen does today. And I will leave it at that for now. And onwards with my message about my original formula.

What I knew back then was incremental compared to what I know today, right here, right now. Heaven or not. What I know, can further broaden the horizon of what's to come. Or should I say, speed up the process by light years. And I mean that in every sense of those words. As our Saint say, wow. And I do what she calls, my happy dance. Wouldn't you? Here we have this Earthling that is unlike any we see in today's world. And we mean that in an extremely good and important way. For, she finds all of what we have to share so utterly fascinating. And that is precisely what it takes to be a good ChannelHer. Do you honestly think Henry Ford, Nikola Tesla, and all her other experts and I would wake up for just anyone? We know what we have, and come Hell or high water, we will be damned if we let it go. To be given life and continue to share is a dream everyone in Heaven has. One that our Saint has pondered.

For just yesterday, she realized, or I should say, voiced her opinion on how sad it must be for us all to want to talk and not have anyone there to hear. Let alone channel what we have to say. Yes Ms. Di, we've all had some very somber moments up here. Yes I'm getting excited that you are relaying this message on behalf of us all. A day does not go by that most do not try to connect with "lost" loved ones. For it is you Earthlings that we consider the lost ones. As I do my happy dance, and our Saint continue to check in. By now you should all know why she does it. It is to make sure she is hearing correctly, and that we are not being intercepted by the ever present dark side. As in Lucifer. A lost soul indeed, tho one who has backed off considerably, knowing very well he is doing what our Saint says, "barking up the wrong tree."

Tho, our Saint does do her part to keep him at bay. As to what that might entail, we will let her share in another post. Suffice to say, it includes a lot of purple and prayer. Among other things. But back to the point of this message.

Remembering a time when mathematical equations were a normal part of life. Yours and mine. Unfortunately, that long handed math has been replaced by computers, to a certain degree. Yes math is still taught in school, but how often do any of you use it? And that my friends, is the point I want to make today. For, it was in choosing our Saint that I realized I could continue to get these words out. What words you ask? The ones I'm about to tell you.

Never. Never ever in a million years, let go of the ability to compute in your God-given brain. Even if that means something as simple as remembering phone numbers. It's what we all did. Or some of you did, considering I come from an era before PacBell and the handy dandy telephone. But you know what folks? Times may change, but do they really? I mean, when was the last time you had to remember something as simple as an important date? And do it from memory alone? No phone, no tablet and no computer? If you are unable to answer that, that just goes to show what technology has done for you and your brain. And it's turning it into mush, if I must say so myself.

In order to have the likelihood of your brain cells growing, you need to use them. Stop relying on digital this or electronic that to do the work for you. Never in my life did I use any technology to figure anything out for me. And you know what folks, you've all been gifted just as I was. It is what you choose to do with your brain that matters. Make or break it? What will it be? It is your prerogative. But in order to go on living in today's fast-paced world, you will need some know how. That is, if you want to "succeed." Success by today standards means financial stability. Success from my time, meant something far greater. Notice I did not say different? Different how? In the way we treated people? Now, don't get me started on that one. Again another post. I will say however, the way you treat people determines your likelihood for success.

Back in my day, to be smart was an honor. To be spiritual, majestic. And to be honorable, the prize of a lifetime. Fast forward to today, and you've got a world of Nimbasoles. As our Saint try to figure out the spelling on that one, then tell us all, it looks partly like "assholes," then giggle. Actually, she sees us all laughing about that one. Why? Because quite frankly, it is the sad truth for the most part. Now go ahead and look up the correct spelling dear Carmen. Me: looks like auto correct and I were way off.





a stupid person.



stupid; idiotic.

"try not to make imbecile remarks"

Mr. Einstein: that was funny Di. You had us all laughing. Me: yeah, I saw a few of you knee slapping when you laughed. And to think I was in spelling bees. Just goes to show what technology has done to my brain. Mr. Einstein: BRAVO in saying that! Thank you for taking the liberty to share that. As you know, we all think highly of you and your ten point THIXTH pound brain, which is partly why I chose to speak to you. Your humor combined with your intelligence, keeps us all on our toes. Not to mention, you are a breath of fresh air. In or outdoors, you keep us feeling alive. As our Saint say, wow. Me: which is precisely why it saddens me to know how often all talk to us, and it fall on deaf ears. Anyways. Mr. Einstein: well said Di. As you explain to others, it is quite simple to hear us. The key is getting out of your own way. I will say, if you find yourself in a conversation with your self, chances are, it's not all you. But I will leave it at that. We are quite happy and proud in the short amount of time you've been a Medium, and you've already helped others connect. And some we would have never expected. But that is precisely why brother Matt chose our beloved Saint. For her ability, more importantly, her desire to share publicly all of what works for her. You people can learn a lot from her, but you've got to want it.

And finally, what I'd like to share with you today is how very ecstatic I am to share this information. And to think, we've only just begun. Yes folks, Saint Carmen and I will be like two peas in a pod. Bringing forth mathematical equations that may blow your mind. For, at the very least, rupture a brain cell. As we all laugh about that, knowing very well it was a joke. But in all honesty, I am delighted to bring forth what I see missing in today's world. To all you professors out there, those that think you've got it made in your 9 to 5 jobs. Wait'll you hear what I can teach you. You will think you won the lottery.

As for our beloved Carmen, the one channeling this, her brain is in for a real treat. As I've had her stay hydrated during this entire session. For, it is in having a well hydrated and nourished brain, that you may all become mini mathematicians of your own domain. Very good Di. You amaze us with your ability to hear each and every word. And where you don't, that's what editing is for. Yes boys and girls, our Saint has not only become a major league player in the world MediumHood (as she calls it), she is here to stay, play, and for some, make your day! As she do her Woo Hoo, in a howl like fashion. Now you see what I mean boys and girls? She herself is full of funny surprises. For, she is not one to fear being silly. But I can tell you this, that is precisely what is missing in today's uptight world.

You've got to have fun in order to succeed. If you think my life did not include humor, you are wrongly mistaken. For it is in having a child like nature and sense of humor that your brain cells come alive.

Why do you think it is children learn so much so fast? Because 9 out of 10 for the most part, are far from uptight. Yes there are exceptions to this, considering the world in which their parents create. But in all honesty, fun is the mother of necessity, which in turn, necessity is the mother of invention. You've heard it said time and time again, that in order to succeed one must fill a need. Combine that with a sense of humor, and you're half way there.

But really folks, the point I'm trying to make is not one of reprimanding. Have fun for God's sake. Let your hair loose for Christ's sake. And don't be afraid to speak truth and justice in the face of any "storm". For, it is in living life fearlessly that you will succeed in every sense of that word. To which I will add, that sums up our Saint in a nut shell. For it is in being a "nut" that she continues to win us all over. Yes, people thought I was crazy. And yes, people think Saint Carmen is crazy. But you know what folks? She could honestly care less. And that my friends, is what keeps God, her BFF, in constant contact with her. And I'm not saying, here and there. No, no, no. Not at all. They are the cutest thing ever! Thee epitome of two peas in a pod I might add. But without going too astray, it is time I bid you farewell.

For, it has been a real pleasure. I'd be lying if I didn't say it was a real pleasure speaking with all of you. For it is in doing so, that I feel ever more alive. Which just happens to include, YEP, you guessed it, my brain cells. And I will leave it at that, for tomorrow is another day. And if our beloved Saint had it her way, she'd be talking to us all each and every day. So it is for that reason, my turn today is up.

For title dear one, please offer me your input. We can leave it with the final edit. For now I must say Amen and Amen. We love you Di." ~Your friend for life, Mr. Albert Einstein~

**so very cool, considering I've been quoting my new friend for f-o-r-e-v-e-r!

Me: for title I'm thinking...

"E=mc2 Just Got Better" or "E=mc2, Reinvented!"

Mr. Einstein: I love the second one Di. I knew it would be you to come up with the perfect title. Oh how I look forward to more times with you! You too will be astonished on what you'll be learning. We all cannot wait to see your brain come ever more alive. You may want to hydrate it with one of your chilled coconuts you have in your cold box. Or, I am told, it is now known as a refrigerator. But onwards my dearly beloved Saint. Good job, as you might hear all the hoot'n and hollering in the back drop. As your mother says, MUAH, and, "that's my daughter. By Di.

A proud mom. Not the first time I've heard her say that. And to think I'm lucky. I can't imagine what it's like to be surrounded by all that surrounds her.

I'm so glad I've been a huge proponent-of-a-fan of water. Channeling can get tiring, but to think of all that awaits me?! Giddy UP! Feeling like the shrinking head on Beetlejuice is not an option!

As for Heaven. What makes it more fun and exciting for them all, is to talk with us. Just as Mr. Einstein said. It is then that they feel alive once again. And, although it may sound easier said than done. It's not.

May you be blessed to answer their call(s). Keeping your brain hydrated helps.


Me: good to go on my before and after? Them: all thumbs up Di. Don't forget to rest.

Nice! That's, one HUNDRED 40-EIGHT thumbs UP! I can DIG it!

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