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Dr. Wayne Is Not Dead--It Is In Your Head

4-25-16 "Hey everyone, this is Dr. Wayne, formerly known as Dr. Wayne W. Dyer. For those who don't know, I am alive and well, tho not in the physical sense. If it weren't for Saint Carmen, I'd be very much dead.

So where do I begin? I introduced myself from Heaven some time ago. Saint Carmen can link you to that post. However, it has come to my attention there are still many publishing my works. And by that I mean, passing themselves off as me. And/or using my name and products for their ratings and sales gimmicks.

Let me start by telling you, this is wrong. Wrong in the sense that, it was never discussed, therefore never allowed. I mean, if anyone should be selling my products it should be my wife and kids, and there are many of the latter. Nowhere in my Will was this written and for that I regret it. I see my wife and kids in astonishment, and they have every reason to be.

So, for those of you looking to make a few bucks off my name, please stop. Even Saint Carmen wondered, how could this be. I'll tell you how. Someone took it upon themselves to play God. In Heaven that would be a crime. On earth, not even a slap on the wrist.

What we have here is failure to communicate, and for that I apologize. But thee only person that should be using my name is me. And I'm not there am I? Yes I'm perturbed. Wouldn't you be? To see what's going on and not be able to do anything about it? Well, that was before Saint Carmen came to my rescue. And not just mine folks, as of today, she has 110 Guides. She lost one Sunday, and we mean that in a good way.

Never before had we seen, what took place yesterday, happen. To have a grown man reincarnate just one week following his death, is just shy of a miracle. Yes folks, and his name was Theo. He apparently had some unfinished business he had to tend to. And you know what? God granted him his wish.

I didn't mean to change the subject, but right now as I speak, he lay recovering in a hospital asking for our precious Saint. As she type this ever so slowly. The man whose body he has encompassed, doesn't know what hit him. Or where his old self went, upon surviving what happened to him.

Nowhere in history has this type of reincarnation happened. Nor will it happen again. And for that, we've had some sad souls up here in Heaven. Now, don't get me wrong, Heaven is, like Saint Carmen describes, a HAPPENING place. Why anyone would want to leave, beats us. Unless your name is Theo. That's right boys and girls. A fine young man who was given a second chance at life, all in the name of love.

Can you believe it?! Anything's possible here in Heaven, but even we remain perplexed. Not only did he cut his previous life short, he was granted entrance to begin another. Only he knows who he is. The hospital staff thinks he suffered a mild case of amnesia. I'm here to tell you, he did not. The man laying in the hospital is indeed a new man. We are also happy to report, he did not suffer lasting injuries. A cane may be all that's needed for a short time.

We can see that Saint Carmen remain skeptical. But it's as real as real gets. If you wonder why I sound different, it is because we all take on a bit of the same persona. And by that I mean, we all start to sound the same. Even God is hip to Saint Carmen's isms. God can write a book on them knowing so many. Some of which date back to times not even our Saint remember. Until God says them. God does it to get her attention and it works each and every time.

You know what else folks? God just happens to be Saint Carmen's BFF in the truest sense. It may have been Saint Carmen that said it initially, but boy did it ring a bell in Gods head. **busy day for me to continue taking notes 4-26-16 And you know what else? Notice Saint Carmen does not use the word, "He" to describe God? No Siree! For all it's worth, God is neither male nor female. That's right folks. Not even I knew how to address God until I entered the "pearly gates." And that they are. A gem for that matter. And in the words of MC Hammer, "can't touch this." Nah, but you know what I mean. Besides, why would anyone want to. A precious metal in designer form. That anyone have yet to replicate. So where were we? For those of you that think this is fake, think again. Ridicule knows no boundaries, but to ridicule God's spoken word and do it publicly is grounds for termination. And by that I mean, withholding of blessings. You see ladies and gents, Saint Carmen has been made a fool time and time again. How you ask? Well, I'm here to tell you. What started out as a desire to channel and do past life regression in order to improve the life of those our Saint nurture back to health. Has turned into her becoming the world's best Medium, only she doesn't believe it yet. Tho since she has barely gotten two feet on the ground (and off the truck), she is stepping into her anointing and appointing as an Ascended Master. That's right folks, that she is and it's something else that has people rolling their eyes in disbelief. And now that our Saint is "on a roll," I must continue.

She has found it difficult to channel when others are around. But I'm here to tell you, that it won't last long. She will be doing on the spot readings in no time flat. And she won't even need to confirm. Besides, her body tells her what's up. And by that I mean, it sways in response to her questions. Yes, she is a living pendulum. One we like to play with. How you may ask? We use her body to spell words, or her eyes or her water bottle. Of course, as she demonstrated last night, she can pick up anything and have it spell for her. An extension cord, a scarf, you name it. The girl is gifted.

So why anyone would want to make fun of our precious Saint has us in disbelief. But as she knows, the name calling will end soon. And I think we've counted somewhere in the neighborhood of 175 names she's been called. Talk about cruel and unusual insanity. My God, if I may say so myself, what is wrong with you people? Even I sensed the words God gave me. Did anybody question me? No they did not.

So why in God's name do it to Saint Carmen? Do you not think she has better things to do with her time than be the brunt of your jokes? In all honesty, we are truly sorry for you all. Nowhere in the bible is name calling allowed. Joking or not, it needs to stop. Think we don't know who you are? Think again my friends. Like our Saint tell others, earth is like one giant TV, with even your thoughts appearing like a bubble over your head. Yes, like a cartoon strip. We see and hear everything. And I do mean e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g!

Again, for what it's worth, very few Saints walk thee earth. Yes, there are a handful like my precious friends Oprah, Eckhart, Louise Hay and Deepak Chopra. But outside of them and Carmen, even we are baffled to find more. At least in the United States that is. I mean, here you have a woman that gives freely of her time, and has yet to be accepted, ridiculed?! Believe you me, it won't go on much longer!

Let me wrap up by saying, we are proud of you Saint Carmen. To hold your head high in thee aftermath of what you saw just shy of a week ago, you will be commended. As you, yourself, see everyone up here hoot'n and hollering. If only that were the case on earth. For all that's worth, you have our vote and that's all that matter.

That's it baby girl. Thank you for your time as you get temporarily settled. We know you're tired and your treatment await you. And for inquiring minds, by that we mean, her osteopath. Experience is showing us we need to elaborate on some of thee information we present. Because God forbid, it be misconstrued. As Saint Carmen figure the spelling on that one. A spelling bee champ she was, but even she need help at times. And that'd be where spell check serve her well.

I mean, look at her. Comfy and in solitude and she still choose to use her phone. Dear Carmen, did you forget your computer was returned and you do have Dragon Naturally Speaking? Get with the program girlfriend. Sorry, but God wanted me to say that, knowing it was another of your isms. Okay, but this time I mean it. I must bid you farewell. For supper await us. And in case you're wondering, it is Brussels sprouts and sockeye salmon. Yes folks, but we'll leave the diary of our menu for a standalone post. That's really it. We love you more than words could describe. Amen and Amen."Dr. Wayne, her guide on thee other side~

Me: for title? Dr. Wayne: ahh, hadn't thought about that. Please ask me after dinner. Thanks Hon.

**dinner break Me: Dr. Wayne, did the title come to you? Dr. Wayne: yes Dear, it did. Please use, "Dr. Wayne Is Not Dead--It Is In Your Head" Me: like that? Dr. Wayne: yes, let's see what repercussions that bring you my Dear.

After trying computer then phone and writing 3 paragraphs, they were deleted. I'll end with this...

"Minds are like parachutes. They only function when open." ~Thomas Dewar~

**he being one of several with a variation of this quote.

May you be blessed to believe


Me: Dr. Wayne, do you want to edit anything? Dr. Wayne: no Dear, that's fine how you have it. We're sorry for the problems along the way. Now post before you lose it. We love you.

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