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Don't Take Your Eyes Off The Prize

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

"Don't take your eyes off the prize. You are making leaps of mistakes. You don't go thru life being perfect--you fail forward with grace. Only then do you appreciate what life has to offer.

Don't get stuck on autopilot in a zone that your comfort level grows. You'll regret.

Start today and tomorrow will never be the same. You are going to die one day, so why not go out on a limb. Birds do not fly from the ground.

Believe you can with what you have and soon you will be with thee ascended masters. Wait and you'll be left behind to another time you decide to make the journey.

You will ascend whether you like it or not. The question is when and how?" ~Teso, 1 of 4 Pleiadian guides~

**interesting and oh so true

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