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DNA Upgrade Or Allergies?

Got allergies? They just may be a blessing in disguise. Either your body has HAD IT with certain foods (good or bad), or your spirit is in dire need of preparation for what's to come. Gotta come clean on every level, before you can reach a higher level. As the Universe share some of why...

"When was the last time you were allergic to food and drinks? For our saint, it's a daily occurrence. What happens when all your favorite foods become bad for you? She already gave up much, but continues to do inventory to make her life better when it comes to her health. Just yesterday we told her to begin eating with diabetes in mind. Now mind you, she already did. Meaning, her diet was impeccable. She has also taken the liberty to eat according to her blood type. Tell them what it is."

Me: be positive Universe: Di, we love your new car. Wow! More to come baby girl, more to come. You were amazing in there. Only downside is, that new car smell. Yes, she's allergic to that too. It's what happens when you are no longer with carbon based DNA. Hers switched over some time ago, but until it is all flushed away, her body remains ultra sensitive. She has been in dire straights trying to figure out what to eat. Even her eyes have suffered, but what lies behind are the blue-gray color we told her about one year ago today. Timing on all has been off, but all those predictions we told her about are on the way, which includes a great number of people. Many of which will be rewarded in one way or another.

We cannot fathom losing our Saint to any health condition. Her new vehicle has given her the keys to her life. Trying to accommodate others wreaked havoc on her health, not to mention her sleep patterns. That my friends and family will put you down quicker than anything.

You were created with a built-in circadian rhythm. You mess with that and you mess with life. To be truly healthy in mind, body and spirit, you must tend to your own garden. That garden being your body. As our Saint tells her three animals, "Without me, there is no you." And she means it. They are pampered pets, with love abounding. That, she does on a shoestring schedule. As of today, she officially gets her life back. We could not be happier or blessed to begin writing with a vengeance. And we do mean that in the upmost way possible. That's the end of our portion of today's post. We like the title you gave it. Three cheers to today. Bye baby girl, MUAH! Signed sealed and delivered by none other than the Universe and all our glory. God would like to chime in."

"There has never been a connection with me as great as the one St. Carmen and I have. But now you can see why. She tailors every aspect of her life towards us. She's on the right track for getting things done. We commend you baby girl. You are a force to be reckoned with, and we mean that with much respect.

Those of you still preaching the word of God (me), stop. Don't say I didn't warn you. Anyone can regurgitate false information. If any one of you had a clue, you would have connected the dots long ago the way our saint did. Had that happened, you too would be shifting into the fifth dimension with the rest of us. But before long, everyone will. Your only job will be to like it or leave it. Not easy, but well worth it. Rest a bit before we start our writing of, The Covenant of The Arc. A highly anticipated book we say. The End. We love you so much."

That they do! God is too funny! Was talking while sleeping on that last sentence. Wish I could fall asleep that fast.

Anyhow, we can all be given any number of powers, but they won't happen unless respect for yourself, planet Earth, others, and finally, the Universe are a norm. No on/off switches. You're either nice or you aren't.

With planet Earth prepping for some much needed New World order, many ailments will present themselves. Consider yourself blessed. It's one HECKUVA way to force you to improve your diet and lifestyle.

Upgrades, downloads and allergies! That's what you can expect with ascension/spiritual awakening. Old polluted, low energetic ways won't make it, you wouldn't survive. There's a reason dis-ease has affected many. And while diet and lifestyle are to blame, so is your spiritual life. Got integrity? Being your transparent self? Think you can fool the Universe? Or some of us Ascendees?

Any ailment or dis-ease is your wake up call. Allergies included. It can feel like you've bumped into the wall of a maze. Except those walls are your body telling you to stop and take another route. The maze? Not much to figure out. There are enough of us paving the way to lessen your growing pains. Physical pain being ever so present as well. Giving up is easy. Think pHARMaceuticals/your medication is a quick fix? No amount of those, antihistamines, or inhaler will help. Just means you're jumping ship at what could be the greatest adventure of your life. Heaven on Earth. So what if allergies got you under the weather for a fraction of your life? Rightfully so, you're body is demanding you to treat it with more respect. Does Christ like ring a bell?

My diet was already above par, considering I've been a vegetarian since the 60's, and have nearly two decades of detox under my belt. Can't imagine what my never ending list of allergies would be like without the above. Frustrating is an understatement. Preparation key when away from home.

However, all the above was told to me last December (one month after connecting). Not only did they tell me my eyes would turn blue, I was told what food and drink to eliminate. My rewards have been great for doing so.

Are your favorite foods no longer agreeing with you? Sweets too sweet? Salty too salty now? Certain cooked foods too heavy? Be grateful. Chances are, you've reached your limit and/or, you're in the midst of Ascension. How might you know?

Headaches or sleepy after meals? Rage? Uptight? Swollen tongue or tightening or itchy throat? Swollen face or body parts? Don't ignore. Anaphylactic shock may be knocking on your door. Been there, thru that (many moons ago).

The upside to ascending is, your health will improve, once it gets past the worst. You can even look younger in the process. Your body and brain will thank you. You can become smarter and more in tune.

Got cravings? Detox will help take those away, but Ascension forces you to stop. There are different levels of ascending. You get what you give. And if you think you can fool your body, mind or spirit with bad habits, faulty thoughts, and an even worse diet, a revolution of sorts will begin to happen. Allergies are caused from many things, but ignoring your built-in gauges will only make them worse. Two wrongs will never make a right. Your body is sacred, not algebra.

You must purge the old to make room for the new. Don't--Then don't expect to ascend with the least amount of growing pains. Descend maybe. Dying is easy. And contrary to popular belief, we're all full of shit, some figuratively speaking included.

How long does getting clean take? For each year you abuse your body, expect a good month to undo the damage. If not for your body, do it for your soul. Forgiveness and patience become easier. Allergies come on for a reason. Good or bad, heed your alarm system.

Been a year now I stopped much, cold turkey too. You would not believe what so-called healthy foods carry. Or what residue some 100% organic produce includes.

Allergies not yet happened? What about headaches? Craving protein all the time? I wrote about it here? Fatigue? Or a cough? Ringing in ears? The list of symptoms is long. It's not what happens that matters, it's how you react. May you be blessed to know the difference. New year, time for a new you!

In spirit, with love...


Me: good to go? "Bravo Di, Bravo! Rest."

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