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DNA Upgrade And Your Eyes

In having another bout of burning eyes with flowing tears. Thought I'd share a typical conversation I have with my guides. Mostly because I won't be thee only one experiencing this. The following will apply to those that embrace Ascension ...

Me: What causes my eyes to burn so badly. Them: DNA upgrade. Me: Yes, but why? Them: Old DNA being flushed out. Me: Whew! Bring it on! At least I'm not driving this time.

Note**Crazy burning to the point of also blowing waste from nose/sinuses.

Me: Anything else you want to say about my eyes? Them: They are nearly done. Me: Done, as in... ? Them: Blue Me: I see them being a grey blue. Them: Yes Me: Anything else about my eyes? Them: They will be able to see more clearly. And deeper into a person's soul. Me: Cool. Do I still need reading glasses? Them: Yes Me: What about sun glasses? Them: (a BIG) Yes Me: And that's because I'm a lightworker? Them: Yes. You are an Ascended Master. Many do not get to your status. Only 22, including yourself are living with 12 strands of crystal DNA. Me: WOW! I know Brother Matt is one. Them: Yes. Sam too. Me: OMGOODNESS! People will wonder who Sam is. Them: Yes Me: I write this publicly? Them: Yes. Tell them the truth. He is your bodyguard. Me: Okay... I think we just did. Them: Yes. It'll all make sense soon. That's it for now.

**conversation with all 16 guides. How I just LOVE them!

Time to work on introducing the rest. I've got some catching up to do. Just trying to give glimpses of what DNA Upgrade feels like. Because there will be 3 waves of Ascension. I was in first one. Those who ascend will also undergo a DNA upgrade. Tho only Ascended Masters get 12. Don't know about YOU, but I'd be happy with fewer. I am however, DAMN delighted I got chosen for more.

May you be blessed to receive yours...


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