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Crystal City and Garden of Eden

Yesterday was quite the special day. God was on a roll pretty much from sun up into the wee hours this morning, then again this morning. Enjoy some of what's to come as I make sense of my notes taken during all the wonderful visions and songs.



Padre has begun, oh how I love him.

Today's song was a gift in itself. Lord knows I am beyond ready to reap what I have sown.

You've Got What It Takes by Marv Johnson

Cannot forget the Mickey Mouse God showed me this morning. Of all places. I noticed it when I pulled the roll of Charmin tissue. Several meanings, but his was all very VERY good. Yay, can't wait!


WOW. Went thru a portal of light. Once there, it turned into one giant kaleidoscope of crystal then into what seemed a crystal city. Everything and everyone were light. It was beautiful. Kept seeing strands of balls, round things in a long bunch, like organized grapes. Then light shut off. It did bring a massive third eye headache, so God shut light and headache stopped. Need to drink more water today to prevent, should they bless me more tonight.

In asking God why the light. His response? You are entering the light.



Talking to God about the light last night/early this morning. I hear, "spiritual volume." I asked, so there's truth to that.? Meaning people having their heart weighed and judged. "Yes." Wow and interesting since lately I have been seeing talk of how people and/or their heart are weighed for comparison of the light they shined on this earth over the expansion of a lifetime. "That's the idea we had for everyone but only two in general have fulfilled their live's purpose." That being God's response.

This is huge. I do believe before I buckled down, I was still of this earth, pleasing my earthly needs. Once I began working for God, things changed. Less also became more.


A song by Ana Gabriel in Spanish. I recognize the music, will find and hear the words today. Followed by, Let's Groove Tonight by Earth, Wind, & Fire.


Just shown death. Something black on the ground then an eagle's head with eye mostly.

Just remembered being worked on last night. Saw two robed beings and others moving along. Shut it down once I saw a swastika. Dark side was wanting to intercept, so I had to ring my big brass bell. Please know, not all swastika symbols are bad. I for one believe Hitler was the scapegoat for his Rothschild family. A sweet artist who wanted nothing more than to paint, programmed bad.


Just saw the backend of a semi's flatbed loaded with dead bodies driving literally thru mountains, similar to the many I've been shown. Splitting open, like this vision drawn last year. Also reminds me of a news clip I barely saw last night from Death Valley, CA. Oh my. An underground tsunami of sorts, related to latest earthquakes in Mexico. I've also heard Death Valley may have something to do with earth's origin. Seems like some percolating is going on.


God gives me another song. Rather grand memories this one brings, considering I first heard before my died in 1973. Memories of having two parents always brings warm fuzzies.

Laughing by The Guess Who

Powerful song and sad for "him." Or as God says, he who could have been the luckiest man alive. That's all I'll say about that for now.


Just realized it was a dead eagle. Something's up real soon.


Woke feeling like my POTS is wanting to roar its ugly head. Oh my. Dizzy and short of breath today due to a dinner taken to last night. Where are my compression socks?! Told God I look forward to my meal next year then remembered a candy land of sorts vision they gave me last night. Only it was entirely healthy and oh so colorful. Like the Garden of Eden made of real wonderful delicious and nutritious food. Ready to eat. As it should be (for the most part).

God just zoomed in on a pendulum in the sand, after a bit of searching. It also looked brass, copper or gold... oooh, just heard, "the best is yet to come." Reminded me of being shown how I was taken on a flight over earth with a spotlight. The moon, just like The Truman Show. We then zoomed in like we do on a tech screen. I reckon that's how many children remember picking their parents before coming to earth.

How can I forget traveling last night. I was even underwater next to a jelly fish. Before going in water it looked and felt like I stepped into my own movie. I was in my own 3D movie, but felt like I was in space, like all matter, time and energy went away. I was beyond weightless. Wow! Perhaps when heart is light enough, this is possible.

7:46am Another song from padre mio, God.

Louis Armstrong

Followed shortly after by this beautiful song.

God does not need to tell me twice to put my hand in his hand. In learning recently that God was from Israel, this is music to my ears. For years I've known he is a red skin, which is the concept behind my t-shirt design here.

So much excitement coming our way. Staying clean and green will help us all navigate what's to come. The "green" is in reference to us caring for our body and Mother Earth, NOT "their" agenda.

Peace be with you all,


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