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Covenant of The Lost Ark

As our writings continue, a few tweaks (and more protection) are in order, as God explains...

When was the last time you pulled an all nighter? Or even a half nighter? What about, do it with an aching back? I didn't think so. Last night's full moon took a lot out of our Saint. What does she do? Sing to Moon Daddy. Then goes so far to do jumping jacks, something Jack LaLanne wanted her to do. And not by herself, she had two doggies in tow.

My point to this post is, the Bible continues to be written, only now we're calling it, "The Covenant of The Lost Ark." To our Saint's amazement, she has tapped into a part of history no one wanted you to know. There will be tears shed, tho mostly tears of joy. The truth of the matter is, her future continues to change. She's tired of the yo-yo predictions, and thus will not post anymore publicly. We understand her body needs rest and writing publicly is taking more time than she has right now, with a new mini job starting. One she nailed on her first interview (after thirteen years). We are so proud of our baby girl.

Last we spoke publicly, she bared her tattoo. Funny thing is, she said, " I can't believe that people dress like this, and have their tattoos out for all to see." YEP, that's our Saint! Tho, the time has come for two more tattoos. Albeit, discreet. Seems our Biblical Writings are being intercepted, so these will go on the palms of her hands. We cannot afford to lose anymore writings.

It would behoove you to consider backing off with your nonsense. Life will always go on for Saint Carmen, day in and day out. We will continue to update you on The Covenant of The Lost Ark. She will also go back to posting more health related information in the near future. Considering that is near and dear to her heart. We welcome any feedback, tho most do it privately. We end with...

Om... Shaka laka God your father in Heaven with Carmen Me: do you have a title? God: Covenant of The Lost Ark. You can post a picture of last night's coffee cup.

Me: I just id padre.

Albeit, the one that had an opposite effect. No more Texas hold em' for me! Plan B for our next writing marathon is in order.

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