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Coriander For Digestion

I love cilantro and cannot WAIT to grow some for its many benefits. One being, the coriander seeds that many Indian restaurants serve or have on the way out. Instead of the not-so-cool after dinner mint (or candy). Alone or mixed with other seeds, coriander is EXCELLENT for your digestion.

"In both traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic medicine, coriander seeds are often combined with caraway, cardamom, fennel and/or anise seeds to treat digestive complaints. The leaves, meanwhile, have traditionally been regarded as an appetite stimulant and they were also eaten or applied externally to the chest to treat chest pain and cough. According to the American Botanical Council (ABC)."

A healthy gut doesn't need breath mints or gum. The latter only uses up necessary enzymes. And so the vicious, trying to rid yourself of BAD BREATH, cycle go. Like happiness, it's an inside job. Once upon a time I was addicted to gum too. But, truth be told. I realized chewing on it makes some look like a cow chewing on its CUD. Like Richard Gere having Julia Roberts toss her gum out (in Pretty Woman). Why? Quite frankly, NOT becoming. So, whether you're wanting to put your best face forward. I mean... Include coriander as a preventive measure or not, it will do your body good!

With my body still ridding itself of thee old 2 strand DNA (in favor of 12 new crystal strands), side effects continue. That'll be a separate post. However, one not so comfy effect is feeling like a beached whale. Or, on a good day, a Sloth. Sitting 24/7 in truck doesn't help.

Having made a mixture with coriander in the past, I shall now put seed alone to the test. Once a great market cross my path. 😇HM

Should you not be a fan of munching on seeds, or using their powder/medicine to cook with, perhaps some cilantro is more up your cooking alley. It's delicious in salads.

And since we've all got a certain amount of heavy metals lurking inside. Either from cookware, toothpaste, diet, dental fillings, vaccines, or another source.

Cilantro can help remove heavy metals. That info packed article also gives a recipe for cilantro-mint chutney. It also suggests eating it with seafood. A win-win of a FABULOUS idea! Tho, I'd wanna combine my beet chutney recipe to the mix and add some feta, to eat as a side salad.

Soon I will have a kitchen.

May you be blessed to use your kitchen the way Mother Nature intended. As your FARMacy. Because thee other option (pHARMacy) is hardly an option.

Should those not be reason enough, you can choose to add years to your life and life to your years. Or, live/die a slow suicide. Like an old vehicle that sputters and runs slower until it finally conks out. From neglect.

Your engine will too. The choice is yours. A DIY health and beauty bag, or a body bag. Eeek!

Me: how's that? Guide: very good. You are so funny. Me: thank you. And who's my Editor today? Dr. Gonzalez Me: cool- thank you! I shall post soon.

**got sidetracked with another topic. My Guides will often tell me what I'm feeling. He was spot on. I mention because, should I/we forget, what has become our goodbye/sign off.

They all know, I so love and appreciate them. I was able to get title.

Cheers and well wishes all ways


**sloth image from this Pinterest post I found

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