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Come All Ye Faithful

God on embracing all forms of life.

"It goes like this. Life after death doesn't just exist, it thrives. For those that believe yours truly only created life on planet earth, you are Heavenly mistaken.

To think you rule the world is to think I made a mistake. To think your shit don't stink is to think you rule the world. Hardly my children. For today I'm here to share a lil diddy. One you may have never been told. Ready my friends and family? Really my children, but I've got to keep the surprises coming to keep you on your toes. Whew!

Once upon a time life was rampant amongst the stars, galaxies and planets. Well you know what folks, it still exists. You've heard NASA elude to the fact that there may have been life on the moon. That's right boys and girls, only they're not allowed to tell you the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help you God. Yes, that's me talking still.

Would you like to know what else? To this day, every planet still has life. How much you ask? More than anyone either knows, or has thee authority to tell you. And do you want to know the biggest "deepest darkest" secret of all? Well I'm here to tell you and our beloved Saint Carmen. So, ready or not here it comes from your dearly beloved father in Heaven.

*as God coughs to clear throat and let out a few, "la la la's."

God: very good Di. We knew that'd get a kick out of you. Now where were we? Ahh yes. Before I created planet earth, I lived in union with my brothers and sisters of outer space. All of which includes, more than just the birds and the bees and the flowers and the trees and the moon up above, and a thing called love. As our Saint link you to the song I'm singing. Think that song was a mistake? Hardly! Back when that song came out, all you children of mine were connected. Does the word "grounding" ring a bell? If it doesn't I'm here to tell you the true meaning and every sense of that word. For starters, why do you think it is Ms. Carmen Diana loves to go barefoot? Or eat "real food?" Or wear all natural products? I could go on but I won't. Suffice to say, she's mastered thee art of "earthing." Top that with a cleaner than clean body and you've got your built-in antennas working overtime.

Why do you think it is referred to as "earthing?" Yes my Earthlings. And yes, still your father in Heaven talking. Because it is ME who created all of life. And it is me who takes it away. Think you can continue to squander your life away. Easy come, easy go my beloved children. Me, God your father in Heaven created life to be lived. But you know what folks? Far, if any of you, are living the life I gave you. Complete with life in outer space. Why do you think it is they hide? Because they're allergic to you and your stinkin' bodies. Which raises another point about our Saint again.

**in reference to my detox and getting toxic smelly waste out.

She doesn't purposely ignore you. No way, no how. It is what she is made of that makes her "do it." As to what "do it" means. She's wired differently that's all. Again, I can go on with the details but won't, for fear she may get a tad perturbed. Now, where were we once again? Oh yes, only this time I'm on top of the world. Stay with me on this one. As our Saint gets it.

I'm on it. I'm after you Earthlings to clean up your act. Yes folks. Do you realize. I mean, really realize all life has to offer you? Do you realize the bells and whistles you've allowed to rust? And do you realize there's more to life than your fellow Earthlings? And finally, yes. Do you realize thee unseen is an untapped world that anyone has yet to master thee art of communicating? Do you realize how sad that makes me, God your father in Heaven?

I'm sorry folks, but I cry too. And it really saddens me that I need to tell you these things. Were you not created to live in harmony with all my creations? From thee earth to the sea. To the stars and each and every planet and cluster of galaxies in between? Yes, dear children of mine, it pains me to see you all at war with one another. And killing other life beings? Need an example? How about ants, flies, mosquitos and the like.

Do you know what our Saint does anytime an insect such as those is killed in her presence, or by her by mistake? She apologizes. She tells them she's sorry. And you know what folks, she means it. Never in this 21st Century have I met an Earthling such as Carmen Diana, but we won't go there.

But I'm here to tell you, for these reasons thee earthship that you're all on remains uninhabited by thee original spacecraft and all its inhabitants. Why? For fear you might kill them too. All Ye who's shit doesn't stink. But who's heart alone is killing planet earth. And all Ye who kill the ground you walk on, and its many forms of life. To think you were created for all that, is to think I made a mistake. Yes me, your father in Heaven made no mistakes when I created all that your life has to offer. From the hairs on your head to each and every toenail. There's a reason for everything. And it isn't to kill anything or anyone. Whew! I'm glad I got that off my chest.

A post our Saint and I started and stopped less than a week ago. But you know what folks? She has been quite content tending to her new abode. And talking with her fellow life outside of planet earth. We too are having the time of our life just watching her. Some of us have forgotten what a good cook she is. Suffice to say, she is DIGGIN her new place. One that was well worth the wait. And nearly everything she prayed for, as she tells everyone. 9 out of 10 ain't bad, huh my Saint? Me: not at all considering the 10th I can plant. And I got more than I prayed for. God: good way to put it. But, as for missing social media and all that it entails? A resounding NO. A digital detox continues to serve her purpose. And for that, we couldn't be more delighted. But, you know what folks? It is for that reason I must end this post. She needs her rest. For tomorrow is another day and we've got a lot of writing ahead of us all. But not until after she's all settled in, gardens planted and she's well rested. Three plus years without a home, in itself, takes some acclimating. But one day at a time, isn't that right our Saint? Me: yes. So thankful to be past thee exhaustion those last couple weeks. God: yes. As always, we were cheering you on. And you never lost sight of your goal. Before long, you can have us all over for dinner. Nah, but it does get a kick out of our Saint. I do believe I've met my match in the laugh department. Our Saint is almost as hilarious as me, your one and only God. Your father in Heaven. But really, we must bid you farewell. Amen and Amen. For title, Come All Ye Faithful Woo Hoo!" ~God, your father in Heaven~

Woo Hoo, indeed! Happy to be home and posting some of what we talk about.

May you all be blessed to see the beauty in accepting all forms of life. I do believe, if all did, there would be less depression and suicide a thing of the past.

Alone time serves its purpose. And that is to get in touch with thee unseen world and grounded in your own.

If only for a day...


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