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Codependent Dogs

Only thing worse than a spoiled insecure fearful and addicted child is a codependent dog. Seems codependent dogs have become the norm these days.

And just as children raising children has yet to come to a complete and utter end, needy adults with no discipline of their own are now raising insecure dogs who not only expect to be treated like a human, are only happy when they are. WHAT has become of this world? Or is the using of pets for attention more your style. If so, YIKES!

If you think my opinion is harsh, ask God and all my Higher Ups I work for

Oh, you have yet to figure that one out too? For those that think they have it all figured out, appears you don't. As I hear...

"We agree with you wholeheartedly, and feel it is time we put an end to it once and for all this go around. Dogs were not raised to be humans, nor were humans raised to be dogs, yet that is precisely what we see. Men and women giving their bodies away like there is no tomorrow. What gives? What will it take for all to step in to the roles they were meant to play? Think I'm kidding? I've only just begun with such a sensitive topic. The story at hand does not and will not end, as it has escalated the past four decades.

Where are your thinking caps? If I didn't know any better I would have to say a lobotomy is in order for each and every one of you, minus our saint. Our sister Carmen has worked hard to get to whom she has become, yet has she gained the respect for knowing so much? Not hardly. Times are changing. If you think you have it made now your world will be turned upside down in an instant.

Why? You have been given ample warning. For those that have been following her and/or see and hear who she is today, has she not tried to help you? People think because they have children they know it all. Did Mother Teresa have children? What about Louise Hay? Neither of these two women had a child of their own, yet did they not lead the world to greatness?

Get used to Carmen Diana Cisneros because she is not going anywhere soon. And if you think I'm kidding, look up. For that is where she lives these days.

Would she have wanted children of her own, you bet! Why she was not "blessed" with any was for a reason. Her pets are her children, and her tribe continues to grow. Are they spoiled? I think not. They are loved and well disciplined, which is a true sign of a leader. No cardboard box of rules to follow, she leads by instinct and now us directing her every move. Think I am joking? That is your problem. You have put your faith in all the wrong things. People included, for that is what they have allowed themselves to become. An item worthy of disrespect. WHEW! That felt good. Your turn mi amor." ~God, your father amongst the Heavens~

Oh my God, how sweet is that?! But yes, this world has become so off balanced, some major attitude adjustment HACKS are in order. And if not now, soon. God is still talking. Too funny. How I love them all so very much. My connection to them has not only opened my eyes to the dysfunction of mankind, but my heart, mind and soul too. With some sudden onsets of tears of joy along the way. Growing up does not get much better than that.

Conquistador or Codependentor?

As for the codependent dogs, really no other way to describe it. It's been said, hurt people hurt people. I agree, and in this regard that being the disservice many do to their children and pets. Do yourself a favor and get out of their way. We all have lessons to learn. Should you be the codependentor, you have yet to learn yourselves. How's that working for you?

And mainly, so you know, I love animals. Tho, just as I do not spoil children, I will not do the same to animals. I neither treat them inhumane nor human. Sure I cook up some food in the crockpot to mix with their dog food. But, like my mother told us... "this is not a restaurant, kitchen's closed, or you don't like it, shit on you then." Should those not work, they go to bed hungry. Works like a charm, which is why it only took me ONE WEEK to get four children to eat real food. They are NOT the picky eaters parents make them out to be. Like a drug addict or alcoholic, they are addicted. Five steps forward, two steps back. Codependent dogs and people do not overcome getting what they want or having excuses made for them. Why complicate your life and work harder than you have to?

May the world be blessed soon. May it be at their own discretion, should it not, the upcoming cataclysmic events will be much obliged.


**Photo compliments of my teddy bear Tonka in a Mastiff body. Far from pouting, he's watching his momma in the garden. For those wondering how many other children I have, Tesla (mastiff), Puya (cat), Murphy (pig), Toby (fish) and Sunflower, Daisy, Lily, Rose, Yin and Yang (chickens). I am truly blessed. Not to mention the wonderful year I had four 2-leggeds. Aged 1, 5, 8, and 10, all of which have kinda forgotten about me. Ouch for them. Attachments can do that sort of thing.

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