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Coast Is Clear

Having gone to a sweat lodge today, God shares what I saw. And been given.

Ready Di? Yep! God: For starters, were very proud of you for handling the sweat lodge better than anyone. You made it look like a piece of cake. And that's precisely why you no longer need to go. You can say you've outgrown it. But more than that, that energy is counterproductive for you. To say you're at their level would not be kosher.

Yes folks I said it. It's a phrase our Saint uses to represent not cool, not happening, a no go, and all that jazz. Yes again. We are testing her dictating the channeling, and it's working quite well. We need to be able to have her type fast with all the writing she has ahead of her. Therefore, with typing not her thing, she will be dictating all the upcoming books we've got planned for her.

We thought she would begin already, but the time is near. Circumstances and environment have not been conducive for sacred writing space. Which is what our Ascended Master of a Saint currently need, at this time in her life. Yes folks it is true, our Saint will be rewriting the Bible with me, a.k.a. God. Better known as her father in heaven. No, your father in heaven. That's right, all of you. Isn't this better my Child? Much easier and quicker than typing with one thumb and your left hand? Me: way easier, and I don't need to wear my glasses to do it. YAY!! God: Feel free to keep some of the typos in there, it just goes to show you're dictating thee entire message. It's OK to write "post," and that you are dictating entire post this evening. OK now where were we? Yes. Back to the sweat lodge.

It is true, you did see a wizard in there, that last round. Right before getting out of the lodge. Bet you didn't think you'd see one of those? Me: nope! God: well, we are glad you did. And as I began to tell you, that wizard is your Guardian Angel. Yes folks, Guardian Angels come in every shape, size and form. Why we chose a wizard is because our Saint is far from ordinary. More like extraordinary. As she giggle once again. But you see, that's what we like about her, she's still a child at heart. How many people can say that these days? Not even kids are children at heart anymore these days.

Seems parents don't just dress them like adults and have them pose for pictures like adults and wear their hair like adults. They've got them talking pretty filthy if you ask me.

Nowhere in God's name (yes me), was the language that goes on today with today's youth ever allowed. Not even adults had the mouth they do these days, but I'm getting off track from this post. So let me steer this back to Saint Carmen and the wizard.

Yes it was a wizard she saw in the sweat lodge. Blacker than black in there, like the deep dark abyss. And only she could see this wizard. We are delighted that she saw it, for it is in seeing it that she will be blessed further. Does this wizard have a name? For now, we've told her to just call him Wizard. For, this wizard like some of us up here, are neither male nor female. That's right, and that's just some of what we're going to shed light on, as Saint Carmen dictate what I write about what really happened in the Bible.

But back to the wizard. This was no ordinary wizard. Not like there are many, but this one, like our Saint, is extraordinary. Like she often says, like attracts like. In this case, we had to make her Guardian Angel different. And easily recognizable by our Saint. Was it the long beard that caught your eye my child? Me: it sure was. I also saw light around it. God: yes we had to illuminate it somehow for you to see. And it was for your eyes only. Had anyone else been as grounded as you, they may have noticed a speck of light. But it was you who saw the beard of your Guardian Angel. Isn't that right my Saint? Me: yes, and not just the white beard, it was like I can see each strand of hair coming from it. God: well done my Child, your vision is improving. Tho not your ordinary vision, your spirit world vision. The kind that will allow you to see in 5D, and beyond if you let it. If I may interrupt shortly here. Isn't this fun? Being able to dictate this fast, and hear me practically at the speed of lightning? Me: I'm digging it God. Been a long time since I've been this grounded, and it sure makes writing super easy. I should say, hearing and writing super easy. God: exactly! Now you see why we want you to be where you're at, and eating only the melon with protein for the next four days? I think we can get a lot accomplished these next four days, what do you think? Me: without a doubt. I love the peace that comes from what I've been doing for almost a day. It's also the reason why, a few kept asking me if I were OK at the sweat lodge today. Apparently, it's not very often they see someone as grounded as me. God: very good my Child. We love seeing you like this. Soon you will have your writing space that overlooks the golf course, if that's where you choose to do it. Either way, there will be several places. No, spots that we think are ideal for your channeling. And while most are outside, there is a spot or two we think will work out extremely well for you to be our channel her. Darn thing, did not spell channel her the way you normally do. Why don't you write it yourself. Me: ChannelHer God: that's better. In closing, I would like to say, on behalf of myself and your 120 guides, and now your Guardian Angel, Sir Wizard. We are very proud of you. To say you've arrived, would be an understatement. We look forward to what the next few months hold for you. And just as a reminder, you will be having your head shaved fairly soon. So don't get too used to your curls. The ones that have served you well with your bum shoulder and all. That was no mistake, we knew you needed help following your broken wrist and surgery. I must say, you make one hell of a left-hander. Must've been those stitches on two of the fingers on your right hand that has your left hand and brain remembering.

That's right folks. Our Saint is quite ambidextrous. She didn't just master using her left hand, she began signing her name with it. But you know what? Wouldn't you know, our Saint had begun using her left hand to eat prior to her near death experience. Except, she did it to stimulate the right side of her brain. What a smart woman we have here. You have no idea how proud your mom is of you. It's like you're a celebrity already. Yes we know that makes you feel uncomfortable, so we'll stop there.

In closing I would just like to add, don't be surprised or alarmed at the times and places you see Sir Wizard. I do need to reiterate, your Guardian Angel is neither male nor female. We like it that way. Just as your galactic friends and Syrian siblings, let me take that back. Just as your Pleiadian pals and your Syrian siblings are neither male nor female, the same applies to your Guardian Angel. Yes they do choose to see themselves as one or the other, and their names reflect it, but you know as well as we do, it's pretty darn cool to be both. And by that I mean, politically correct in every sense of those words.

Experience as you know, is showing us we need to back up much of what we say. Last thing we want to do is have it taken the wrong way. A shame really but, you know as well as anyone what kind of innuendos can come out of some of what we write. Having worked seven years construction, like you tell people, you've heard them all. Only now, their/there target is a little different. You are no longer in the world of construction, you are in the spirit world of all places. And yes, that has come with trials and tribulations of its own. But not for long Saint Carmen, not for long.

We couldn't be happier to celebrate on this eve of much that is coming your way. And I know you were wondering a few things, not too long ago. I should say, things not so much for yourself. But you were. Your thoughts were inquisitive of a prediction we made for someone else. A good one I might add. And yes, that too is on the way. But that's all we're going to say for now. We know you're not wanting any predictions, good or bad. So that's what I'm doing. OK my darling Child, Saint Carmen. I must bid you farewell. For title, you can put, Coast Is Clear. As you write that in a question tone of voice. Or speak that I should say. I say, the coast is clear in regards to you being able to proceed with what I have planned for you. And as much as I'd like to tell you more, I've promised myself I won't. You've been through enough these nearly 5 months as a Medium.

Since we lost that entire snippet of dictation, let me end by saying, we love you dearly. More than words could say. And just know, you're far from ordinary. More like extraordinary. And we absolutely love that you have now taught others to channel. May they not abuse it.

Because just as quick as they got it, they can lose it. However, so long as they come from a place of a pure heart, I will continue to grant them their channeling abilities. Though not at the level you have received.

As you wrote in your last post. Basically getting, stepping into the person you've become did not come easy. I've never seen someone have so many initiations in such a short amount of time, and stay positive and moving forward, the way you continue to do. We are blessed to have you. I must really bid you farewell. Amen and Amen. Woo Hoo, we did it! Our first dictated post, which is only the beginning. We love it and we love you. Goodbye my Child." ~God your father in Heaven~

I just LOVE that they don't treat me like a number! I look forward to seeing Sir Wizard outside the lodge.

I will kinda miss that type of detox (sweat and spiritual), but it was different this time. And yes, a bit too easy. They (God and Guides) also saw what I've been feeling for years.

Anyhow, can't WAIT for my new level of purifications. I can only assume, more detox on every level. They could NOT have picked a better person. With my body, mind and spirit being huge fans of detox.

I'll end by saying, both new kids on God's block began channeling after their liver cleanse. God and Guides don't just hear our thoughts, they see what's in us.

May you be blessed to clear your channels to welcome the spirit world that await you.


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