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Christmas Is A Hoax

This morning's conversation started with...

"Happy Merry un-Christmas." God continued with... this is the day the Lord has made, NOT! Your friend Tony is only partly correct. We are happy you do not get sucked into man's false holiday. More lies told in the Bible, for what? To sell "goods." The advent of selling took away from making. We are delighted you are a do-it-yourself kinda woman. The dog's "Earthship" you are making will be outstanding. In every sense of that word. Smart too. We think you have enough sandbags now. Truth be told, you did twenty bags ago. But back to Christmas.

That word means what to you, the reader? Buy stuff to show you love someone? Buy stuff, that if they needed it, they can make or buy it themselves? Technology included. Do you realize the money you throw away on such petty devices? Many of which, serve what purpose? And many of which you could make yourself if you had half a brain? The way the likes of Nikola Tesla and Steve Jobs do? Notice I did not say "did?" Why should I? They're very much alive and continue to create. Some of which, they will create thru St. Carmen. Where do you think they got their inspiration? Think it was man given? Not even the Mayans relied on man, and we're happy to say neither does St. Carmen these days. Why should she? She's telling me, "cut" with the boasting on her behalf.

But here's the message I want to send. When the tide strikes, and the New World begins, there won't be Christmas. Or Easter, or any other man made holiday. Why should there be? Everyday you wake up is a celebration. And Valentine's Day, what is that about? To sell more? To show your love? Truth of the matter is, does that mean you love one day a year? What message does that give? Enough with the fabricated hype of holidays.

Jesus was not born on Christmas. Jesus did not die on Easter. I died, and Jesus rose. We look alike don't we? The Covenant of The Arc, due out by "Easter" 2017 will set the story straight. Until then, if I were you, I'd throw away your Bible. Take what you want from this message, but enough with the disturbing falsehood of Christmas. Think Hanukkah is excluded, or any other Jewish holiday? No matter how you slice it, no matter the religion or beliefs, gone. Everyday will be a celebration filled with love, laughter and singing hearts. Now, the next topic to tackle will be food and drink.

Eat to your heart's content, no more. And grazing? Save that for the cows. Yes, still God talking. Unless your body is undergoing massive ascension, there's no need to eat as often as you do. End of story. One we could write an entire book on. But, for time and energy sake of our Saint, time for a break. Followed by daily chores.

One last tidbit of information. You are granted the celebrating one day a year. What might that be? Your birthday.

**as God ends with mallet to table, I hear...

"I rest my case. Go about your day. Please title this, Christmas Is A Hoax. Amen and Amen." ~God your Father in Heaven~

You know you're ascending when less becomes more. When crowds/shopping become too much. When the materialism behind holidays makes you sick. And you realize the truth behind holidays. Other signs? Your favorite "treats" do nothing for you, let alone sit well in your gut. And finally, you know you're ascending when you stop believing everything man/your fellow Earthlings tell you.

Even channeled information needs constant confirmation. Many who channel get intercepted with bogus messages. But then again, look at how many believe the Bible. May you be blessed to connect those dots.

Also know, thee afterlife is a happening place. Every day of the year. God is an awesome God. And thee entire Universe reigns. All in seriousness but fun. Cheers to the present!

In spirit, with love


Me: good to go? "Outstanding Di! We love you so much. Your mom would be proud. You knew long ago when you'd tell her, "no gifts." **as they fade away "They" being, the Universe~

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