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Chiropathy of Osteopathy

Depends. I agree with this article, that Chiropractors can help with more than just pain. However, if the relief you get is temporary, you may wanna see an Osteopath. Mine has been a Godsend. If muscle spasms are pulling your spine or any bone out of place, no amount of Chiropathy is gonna help. Doctors don't understand this.

Muscle spasms don't stop at bones either. They can twist your fascia and anything connected to it, like your diaphragm. I'll be covering this and more, in a book I've started and nearly finished. Gypsyhood has it on hold.

Conventional doctors are quick to suggest surgery, some of which can include cutting out of body parts. Such as, bones and muscles. They've already gotten MY top left rib(s). After fighting for deep massage nearly 10 years, I gave in. Which, left me worse. To the point of being labeled, disabled.

Kinda funny when it came time to renew passport a week or so ago. For occupation and eye color, I had to ask my guides. Their response? Occupation, disabled. Eyes? Grey blue. DMV however, only allows one eye color. Guides response? Blue.

Anyhow, muscle spasms continue to try and wreak havoc on me. Doctors remedy now? Remove 2 scalene muscles. No GRACIAS! They're out of their minds. I did allow them to do an angiogram and venogram last year. That, after doc suggesting it for 3 years. It was my way of proving I know what my body needs--deep massage. I DO NOT have thick blood, plaque or any form of heart disease. I will say, that procedure brought immediate relief. But very short lived--less than a day. It was quite wonderful to wake from procedure, and literally feel the circulation flowing thru my body. Then SEE the color in my face the next morning.

I mention all this because, I was right. Nearly 20 years later, muscle spasms are causing circulation problems. To the point of seeing stars when I raise my arms (at times). Your body knows what it needs. If not, a really good Osteopath does. Without X-rays, MRI's or any other invasive procedure. They are truly magical.

I have met great Chiropractors that think outside the, crack your bones, box. I've got one in SoCal and NorCal. However, NOTHING compares to what an Osteopath can do. Should you go the osteopath route, just know... you will be sore. You may feel worse before better. But not for long. Like detox, you've gotta get thru the old layers of gunk/painful parts to get back to the original you. I will say, a clean liver helps any and all pain. As does, a real food diet.

If anything, do your homework, and get several varied opinions. Because once they start trying to reengineer your body, you will never be the same. My neck and shoulders will forever pay the price for them removing rib. And with it, portions of neck muscles. It's the trickle effect.

I DO know once I'm off truck, in a real home and garden... Body, mind and spirit will be become more balanced. What the mind can conceive, our body will achieve. I AM also grateful for having been chosen as an Ascended Master. For thee anti aging benefits, I'll write about in another post.

Whatever you do, don't give in to a life of pain pills or an invasive procedure. Just as your mind and spirit were created to be whole, so was your body.

May you be blessed to find an awesome Osteopath like mine. At the very least, a chiropractor like either of my two. One that does a deep type of massage. Thee other who cracks bones, but he also clears my chakras. 😉

Bonus on all three? Great conversation. That alone can get you feeling well!

In editing with Homa, 1 of 27 Pleiadian pals...

Me: how's that? Homa: very good!

**she also gave me the title

All 66 guides continue to make my life easier, and for that... my pain level to decrease.

May you be blessed with guides of your own, and the ability to know what your body needs. Detox will help you with both.


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