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Chess Game Is Over

Been a few busy days. Last night's vision of a huge chessboard being lowered by a crane was no doubt a sign that the chess game is over. God has already shown me the reset, only this last time, all numbers went to zero. YAY! Onwards to the many visions I've been shown over the last several days.

10-14-22, 11:11am - been getting a whole lotta 1's lately, including the time I write this. Earlier I was told to brace myself. Before that I couldn't shake a feeling of gloom or doom. However, not the first day, been going on a few days. Today just feels stronger.

1:58pm - just a bit ago I saw God pinching both sides of his nostrils. Lots of meanings, finally found the one God intended.

compliments of

Next I saw a Jack in the box, turned emoji turned celestial being. Now being shown right side of lion's head. Oh my God! Whoa, that was one groovy mushroom with stems that crossed like legs. It was huge and very tree of life looking. Perhaps God is calling me a mushroom head. Nah, here's what he was telling me. FYI, as stated in another post, all meanings I get from dream interpretations. Other times, I just know.

Next I saw an alligator face pointing upwards to the right, which turned into a frog ready to jump. After that an owl which then looked like someone in a space suit.

Saw a duck that then flew up towards a pentagonal shaped opening. Was shown some pointy mushroom looking houses, crossed. They way mushrooms grow, one in front of another.

Just saw Sasquatch again. Seeing him has a way of bringing a joyous calm. Next I saw what appeared God holding onto a horse. Wow, next came a magician putting a hat on someone. Seeing God with his arms out, now facing me from afar. SkyView. Oooh, that's an image most can relate to, or anyone looking it up.

Awe, saw a baby bear climbing on a table. Eating. Next saw a mound with a round opening. Hmmm. Saw an angel with her wings spread out wide. Then... Ugh, slipped my mind, but equally as great.

I see Sasquatch again. Awe. He was walking into a store. Probably trying to familiarize himself.

2:37pm - as I relax, one thing is for sure, mushrooms and Sasquatch have been the theme this past week. Both represent our beginnings. Lately I feel like we are nearing heaven on earth. Clarification, God says, "for some of you."

And now I'm watching this on mushrooms, and wouldn't you know, Paul Stamets is talking about Neanderthals. My dear Sasquatch. Wow on the synchronicities, including the mention of bears in the same video. Life is getting exciting, I can feel it. As I watch the video, mistletoe comes to mind, which now reminds me of all the red and white mushrooms in many old Santa Claus images. Sounds manna like.

11:01pm - was shown a quick glimpse of St. Benedict right in front of me. God says it means, patron saint of Europe.

10-15-22, 6:25am - another lions head before I stepped into a beautiful galactic and oh so bright cloud of wonder. Everything was so bright and clear. My goodness, God is on a role!

Been seeing the lions head a lot lately. Today however we were face to face, which was awesome. Oooh, time for more.

6:35am - next came a song with lyrics something like.. "baby you be you and let me be me. Come on and let it go." I know I've heard the song, but not finding. Like many of my visions. Should anyone want to know the meanings to all this, you'll have to look up. Getting visions can be tiring. God only allows me so much time to spend on looking up.

Saw a roadway coming from the clouds. Saw someone go thru then walk out in holographic form at first and down towards me. Song given? Volver, Volver. Perfect!! Here's the song. Translation, according to Google, the main message? I'm going back, I'm going back. Yes, the time is near. I for one cannot wait!

Saw myself go thru a portal in water then come out the other side. I saw what looked like another planet on the other side. Didn't see shape, only landscape. Less blue and green than earth. Looked more desert like.

7:21am - seeing more codes, 1's and 0's

8:01am - Ahh just saw the numbers go to zero. The reset is upon us. Complete with the song God just gave me, Welcome To The Jungle. Kind of funny, and mostly, true.

10-16-22, 9:20am - God woke me singing, There's Something I Want To Tell You. Then says, "you'll know soon." I love when he talks to me and/or gets my attention thru songs. That one is an old song, but not finding it. Suffice to say, it is an oldie but goodie.

4:27pm - God just gave me the song, Don't You Worry Bout A Thing by Stevie Wonder. That, right after I finished watching the latest History channel apocalypse program. Many songs mentioned today have been given to me before.

11:33am - was shown a seahorse again. Been seeing off/on. So beautifully meaningful.

10-18-22, 10:49pm - just saw a huge chessboard being lowered to the ground via wires. That there to show the chess game is over. YAY is all I can say. Well, of course, God's timeline is not the same as ours, however, there is no shortage of apocalyptic talk, especially on the History channel. Many also keep saying what's coming will be Biblical, but nobody really knows exactly what. If you have nothing to fear, you'll be fine. Should you not be right with God, then consider coming clean before his arrival. Don't say I didn't warn you.

That's it for today. May tomorrow bring new messages for our planet.



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