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Chemtrails & Puttin' On The Ritz

Been a busy last several days with more songs and visions, tho I am not allowed to share all yet. The chemtrails however, were very telling of what "they" are trying to do to us. God has been giving me a lot of old songs, including, Puttin On The Ritz.

10-20-22, 6:3, saw a bleacher in the sky with a lot of people, an enormous amount of people watching. Looking down on us from up above. Wow, as I see and hear God say, "the play," quote/unquote with his hands. Meaning, they are watching the play unfold. Now I know what was meant by this vision, drawn several years ago. A curtain and two doors.

6:37am - just saw what looked like a pool table ball, round and shiny, but it was the "evil" eye looking up.

Saw God on a swing in the sky. Right after I hear the batman song. Dios Mio (Dear God), he's on a role.

compliments of

6:46am - saw X's being sprayed around perimeter of the firmament. Like the enclosure of a snowglobe, these were surrounding our portion of earth. Imagine a clear round covering over. The "X's" are along the clear globe portion.

Blue skies otherwise. God just confirmed they are chemtrails. Seems they're trying to kill us all inside the matrix. Would be easy. Meanwhile, they have their unpolluted land of the free. Not sure what I am talking about? This link explains a lot.

7am - next was a disturbing vision of two little boys being raped by their mother. She does admit to being a rapist. YIKES! Our planet is in dire need of God already

9:11pm - saw the dot in the sky again yesterday. Only this time in reality while outside.

9:56pm - God's been showing me his many looks, with one looking like Ra or Thor, with the bird's head between his, and a special surprise kept popping up. A donkey. Many meanings, thankful it represents the most beautiful. Lighten my load and so much more, as you'll see here. One thing is for sure, it brought me such peace.

10-22-22, 4:21pm - had a wonderful visit from a locust today. 4th in the past month. This one was waiting for me on my windshield outside a gemstore in Quartzsite, Arizona.

10:55pm - saw myself moving out of what seemed, Skid Row. An infamous homeless area southeast of me 75 miles or so away in Los Angeles. Then mention of a grant. I know exactly what they mean. Next came this song, The Reflex. God has a way of picking the right song at the right time.

11:28pm - last several nights my big left toe has been itching like crazy. Am I ever ready for a big move, new place, a new chapter in life they have been showing me for years.

10-25-22 7:30am - for days now, been singing Puttin' On The Ritz. Oh how I look forward to dressing up. I feel the time is near. God has allowed me to draw the Mt. Rushmore vision with monkeys of see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil. I don't always know what all visions mean, until some time later, sometimes years, sometimes not at all. Time will tell on the latter. But here's the monkeys. And, as you may have noticed from my last several posts, I am using other images for time and pain sake. Much easier to draw over online images than have to produce all from scratch. So many I still need to draw. Suffice to say, I'm loving the visions.

That is it for today. Pain and busy-ness have kept me away. God willing I post much more real soon.

May all have a blessed weekend minding your P's and Q's because something big is about to take place, and you'll wish you were on the bright side when it does.



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