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Cancer In The Eye of The Storm

"The movie, "Vaxxed" is not entirely true. We are happy Robert De Niro was not allowed to screen it.

The movie lacks evidence and does not do thee alternative cancer industry justice. We are thankful to have Saint Carmen shed light on what has become a dark world.

Thee pharmaceutical industries are the real snake oil salesmen. They go about their business like their shit don't stink. While Saint Carmen sit in the back of a truck waiting for justice to be served.

I don't care how you slice it, I was murdered. And Saint Carmen will shed light on those that did it. Come Hell or high water, we will get the people that killed, not only me, but 9 others. Just you wait and see. Carmen need not worry. She is protected. We bid you farewell for now. Hulda Clark would like to say something...

No one knows what Carmen goes thru to bring this information. Tired, in pain, and what she calls a dungeon. She works relentlessly channeling the real story behind medicine. Not without a few laughs tho.

Her time has come, just you wait and see. We bid you farewell for now. But not for long." ~Dr. Gonzalez, her Medium of a doctor and Hulda Clark, her physician of Science~

Me: thank you both for thee, on-the-spot request, on your opinion of that movie. As you both know, cancer is near and dear to my heart. I love all, now NINETY-THREE of you. Woo Hoo! Guides: we lusm (love you so much)


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