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Calling Elon Musk, The Martians Are Near

As I finished talking to God earlier, more come thru with quite the space mountain of a happy dance. They've got a message for Elon Musk. And they're from Mars. So exciting. I could not MAKE this stuff up!

Me: WOW!! I love this. Welcome. So I call you Martians, correct? Yes Me: and how many are coming thru today? Martians: also 7. Oh dear sister, you have no idea thee excitement we have in our hearts to be able to connect with an Earthling as loving as yourself.

**quick time out Me: this is wonderful! Martians: we couldn't agree more. Do you realize you may make history as the first Earthling to grant us a voice and our opinion on such matters as thee agenda of Elon Musk? Do you dear one? Me: OMG! Yes and no. Kinda scary exciting, all in a good way. Just seems life on other planets has been so hush hush. Thus, my "no." Martians: we know what you mean dear one. And that it is, or has been up until now. With Elon Musk making the news, we felt it was the perfect time to tell our side of this story.

First and foremost, nowhere in history has man been granted permission to grace our planet. Now, don't get me wrong. We welcome you in the very sense of the word, but we ask that you come here bearing fruit. What type of fruit you ask? The kind that God has so freely given to thee entire world. From sea to shining sea. And as far below earth's surface, stretched to the never lands of the farthest of planets. Yes dear ones, life exists below thee earth's surface. At a location few know so little about. Wanna know where? Yes, we speak Saint Carmen's language, and because of that, we are going to ask her to tell you where. Ready my Child? Yes, God has taken over for a moment in space time. Go ahead, tell them. We know you know.

Me: Mt. Shasta. The crown chakra of Mother Earth. God and Martians: well said Saint Carmen. But what we really want to share with you Earthlings today has nothing to do with that, so here we go.

**as I sit outside while carpets are cleaned, I think... Boy, my skin is getting so dry out here.

Then I hear.... "We have a remedy for that, that does not involve an invasive procedure. And it's called, you gotta wait till another post. Woo Hoo!"

God and Martians: no really, where were we? Ahh yes, Sir Elon Musk, a man ahead of his time thanks to our good friend Nikola Tesla. A man Saint Carmen has also had contact with. Yes dear ones. Our dearest inventor was very picky. But hearing his name enough times thru our sister Carmen (the Martians are back), he hopped on board her fun ship. Some time ago, isn't that right dear Carmen? Me: yes! And it was the longest happiest of dances of a welcome yet! One I videotaped actually. Martians: yes, thank you for sharing that. Now, for the story at hand, it goes like this. Yes we welcome what Mr. Musk intends to send up here, but will you please pack it like nobody's watching. Yes folks, humor is our middle name. So much so, we invented the word. Sorry God, but you know we're just kidding. Alright, back to the story!

In a nutshell, feel free to slip in some fruits from your native land. The more ginormous the better. We love it that our sister Carmen hears those words. Even God threw in one, or two was it? In either case, we love you humans, tho not so much what you're about. But I think it is time we grant our beloved sister a break. She has, in her words, been a "channeling fool!" And we mean that in a good way. We just see that her brain is shrinking at the speed of lightening. What she refers to as, the feeling of Beetlejuice. But don't take our word for it. Ask her yourself, but she'll say yes. As she was giggling hysterically in typing that, eyes tearing with laughter. But really, we must end this transmission for now. More soon. Please title this, Calling Elon Musk, The Martians Are Near.

While our sister go get some fat and protein in that noggin' of hers. Her words, not ours. Goodbye and goodbye. No, dear God! What we mean is Amen and Amen. Until next time, when we continue with Elon Musk. We bid you farewell." ~calling all Martians~

**on the way to a late dinner, I couldn't help but ask...

Me: How long have you been watching me? Martians: 7 years Me: WOW--that's a long time! How did I get on your radar? Martians: You have no idea. Notice your eyes are turning color more now? Just as we all made contact?

**"we all," as in my 7 other new ET friends

Me: yes!! And the last couple days more ringing in ears, but different this time. Only now I know what it is compared to when it first started. I mean, is it my Ascension, DNA upgrade, and/or all of you? Martians: good question Di. It's all 3. Nowhere in history has what you are experiencing ever happened to one person. To say you're ordinary would be thee equivalent to cutting your life short. You have no idea what's in store for you. But we all know boasting is not your cup of tea, so we'll end it PRONTO God says. Now that our sister Carmen had some food in her belly she was able to talk to us some more.

We love you sweet sister. Let's wrap it up, for tomorrow is another day. And if we had it our way, we'd be spending it with you atop that mountain you call home. Only this time, you're surrounded by 4 insulated walls. Yes we were with you on that other mountain you so bravely conquered alone. For it is that, and many other reasons on why we chose you, as our first human to make contact with, and write about it publicly.

That's it for now dear one. You can keep the title the way it is. Goodbye and goodbye, which is really our way of saying Amen and Amen. But you already knew that. But as you also know, a little humor goes a long way. MUAH! Yes, God allows us that one."

Pretty. Darn. AMAZING! I've only been home 24 + hours and a ChannelHer I've been. Only this time with ETs and my BFF God.

To be able to see the stars so clearly, and tonight Saturn, WOW! What a welcome home of a blessing! Along with thee other many gifts all have been leaving me when I least expect it. And "all" as in, those from the Heavens.

Anyhow, as requested by my Martian friends, I need to post this tonight. Goodnight to all and to all a goodnight!


Me: good to go? Martians: yes Di, we love it! As they do their happy dance of a YES!

**for those new to this site, I hold my pendulum as I type or dictate. When I get a word wrong, it changes direction. Sometimes hitting me on hand. The "happy dance" is when they're super excited. Pendulum literally looks like they're square dancing. It also dances when we get newcomers to the team of "experts."

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