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Calling All Humans

Aside from certain companies being paid to name a Star after someone, and humans actually falling for it. Earthlings continue to not only invite themselves to other planets, they bring back souvenirs of sorts.

Then there are those that have never stepped foot on any planet, yet have thee audacity to talk badly about a race they’ve never met? Doesn't end there though.

We've got Archeologists taking full skeletal bodies from sacred Earthly burial grounds and displaying them in Museums. Yet, it’s Earthlings who believe "ET's" are out to harm and/or destroy them? Something seriously wrong with that train of thought. Or, train wreck in the head.

First of all, they are not "Aliens or Extraterrestrials," they are Celestial Beings. Secondly, they come to help planet Earth. And really, just help usher in the New Earth, with some much needed order, backed by 100% love. Why humans feel the need to trespass, violate and take from other planets, is more reason for the New Earth to take shape. Besides, the rat race turned circus act has gone on long enough. Even worse is, all that feel the need to participate or gossip and argue about it. Or believe their community service of persuading others on who the real clown is. There will be no presidents or borders when the tide strikes. What's old will be new.

**their response to magazine cover...

"We don't recall inviting him. Or anyone for that matter." ~Martians~

**Message below in regards to this and other videos that appeared on my screen thee other day…

"This much is true," they say. Then continue with, "your post on a battlefield over planet Earth? Two words, 'be careful.' Humans are famous for spreading lies. Some of which, can land them in jail. We do not fight, nor do we care to talk about such nonsense. The purpose for the lights (and that's all they are) is to select more credible loving people. You can rule yourself out. And don't shoot the Messenger. She was chosen for a reason, gossip is not it.

Thank you. We must go for now, and continue to be anonymous."

Humans have nothing better to do than point fingers. Forgetting, when they do THREE are pointing back at them. Thee only “battlefield” that goes on just might be between some ears. Disturbing to accuse Celestial Beings of some type of war. All in the name of what?!

May the non-believers of Celestial Beings, or even of Extraterrestrials being a loving race, be blessed to go within for some serious inventory of themselves. Otherwise, consider yourself the pot calling the tea kettle black.

Because, to call those who brought life to planet Earth "violent" is to bite the hand that feeds you. The Covenant of The Ark will shed light on much. They may be Ancient, but they're no Aliens. For now, I know without a doubt there are plenty of Humane humans that see all Universal Beings as a benefit to mankind, not to mention our technology! The first Alien Convention later this month is proof. To gossip is one thing, but to do so online? Way out of their league. Humans get their information from humans. Sadly, not many are connected these days. And for the few of us that are, we need to do constant checking in on WHO we channel, because the dark side can disguise themselves as the light side we channel. Especially, if you never check in. Taking inventory/always confirming who it is you channel is a must. Otherwise, you're stepping on some mighty shaky ground. And perhaps creating rumors on false info channeled. When in doubt, my great grandmother Carmen in Heaven always gives me two thumbs up of confirmation, I'm still connected to the bright side of the Universe. Dark side can and will block them.

Also, Angels fall. They too can get a wild hair and forget love, respect and Golden Rules. Back to Hell they go. There's truth to, "the devil made me do it." But what a pathetic excuse. For that, some mental floss may be in order.

Anyhow, unless you’re connected or know someone that is, it’s best to hear it from Source before spreading word. But then again, Bible preachers have yet to do the same on spreading the word, from a Bible filled with lies.

A New World with some much needed order is upon us. Such accusations only make the Universe want to make it happen sooner. Question is… will you be ready?

Om… Shaka laka

Carmen, thee Urban Ascended Master.

**as I get a, long soft powerful “wow.” And, "super duper good Di. Thank you. We love you so much. The End." Me: and this is... ? "The Universe"

Meanwhile, your key to the Universe awaits you!

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