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Call Me Crazy

I'm thankful for my sense of humor. To be called crazy in a joking way is one thing, to really mean it another.

It can bother me that some see me as lost. Tho, all it means is they have yet to find themselves. Once the New Earth rolls around, "lost and found" will take on a whole new meaning. And gnarly names will be a thing of the past.

Today's message is from God and UTOT.

"To each their own, but to own each other is not what I intended. Love is a commitment, not made to be broken. Love outlasts all other emotions. Need an example?

Love is give and take, not how much do you make. Love surpasses all other boundaries, without leaving you in a quandary. No amount of income can buy love, only incidentals. Who cares on your credentials if no essentials.

Today marks our second month of writing The Covenant of The Ark. Where would we be if it was up to me? Right where we're at. We wiill publish this book by the time Easter rolls around. And unlike the Easter bunny, our Saint will be exhausted. With too much on her plate as of late, some regrouping is in order. A tall order she has undergone, with an army of one. We cannot fathom her schedule letting up any time soon. But inwards she goes where nobody knows, to keep us on track.

Today's writing session went extremely well, with our Saint saying, "this is wonderful." As much as she tries to stop sharing information, she can't. She's wired to deliver daily. A habit we work to break her on. Today's session had the follow-up of her being told she was possessed. The crime of the Century if you ask me. What does she do? She runs with it. When the truth of the matter is, she is the only one connected to thee entire Universe. Call her crazy, she could care less. However, she lives her life in constant care. If not for her beloved dogs, every soul she meets. To treat her poorly, is to treat me poorly, my mother and son included. We were in tears following that dispute, and she knew it. That my friends and family is Transcendence. The day will come when all will have to answer to one of us, UTOT included. With Moon Daddy on standby. Think it's me, myself and I calling the shots? Think again.

It is time we all rest following that heartbreaking remark. But, to call her possessed has just earned this individual 2 more years in Hell, on top of the six he already had. We bid you all farewell on this Eve of major happenings. For title use, Call Me Crazy." ~God and UTOT, Creator of the Universe~

May you be blessed to live, learn, laugh and love. Sure beats name calling.

Om... Shaka laka

Carmen, thee Urban Ascended Master

**tags compliments of God

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