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By The Grace of God

A post on the new earth. Channeled 2 days ago while waiting on Doctor (thus their comment). I was asked to wait a day to post. But, and that's a happy "but," my new home was calling.

"We love you more than words could say. Yes you, the readers. We are the newest to Saint Carmen's tribe.

Early on she was told we are all her Guides. While that is partly true, we are more friends and family than anything. We are a team of experts to be exact. The Saint Carmen's Fire team, to be more specific.

It pains us to see our sister in pain. And by that we mean physical pain. Not for long dear Carmen not for long. This doctor has what you need. And although it may involve more surgery, we promise you it'll be the last of the many you've undergone. We realize talking about you is not your cup-of-tea, so we're ready to change the subject. You all ready for this?! As our sister giggle.

**sounds like announcer before a boxing match

In continuum to our last post entitled Earth Has Landed, we are so very fortunate to be in communication with you Earthlings. Albeit just for short moments in time, we've waited a lifetime just to make contact. And it's all very exciting at the possibilities that our sister can bring forth and to light. For it is in trusting her that more will be revealed. We promise you this, you will be as delighted as we are to connect. Time will tell, just you wait and see. For what we have planned is nothing shy of extraordinary. As our sister say, "I love it!" But don't take her word for it, we aren't here to prove anyone right or wrong, step on anyone's toes, or be a thorn in your side dear ones. It is God who anointed and appointed us to shed light on the darkness that planet earth has come to believe as normal. Believe you me (us), we have so much in store, it is difficult to contain our excitement at times. While our sister, Saint Carmen do her best to keep up. But as she always promises, she does edit all before posting.

Now, where were we? Yes, on the subject of you Earthlings. It is in our best interest to have your best interest at the forefront of our minds, hearts and souls. That's right loved ones. This is how we talk, so get used to it. We come to share the love our Creator has for us all. It is in fact, what this "new earth" will encompass. For those that embrace it, is what we mean. For, to say you've arrived would be thee equivalent of saying the first Pope is alive. Yes, you read that correctly. Why such an analogy? Well, we're here to tell you.

Never in the history of man have Earthlings undergone such rapid changes. Changes that have more to do with justification, truth, light and thee ability to procreate at the speed you do today. Why you ask? Well, it goes like this. Have you ever known anyone to elicit messages like our sister Carmen? Or, what about the 12 strands of crystal DNA that she has been so lovingly equipped with? Never in history have such things happened as they do today.

We are here to tell you why. First of all, what some saw as thee end of the world with the Y2K nonsense and then again with the Mayan calendar coming to an end, was simply thee earth shape shifting. Most have only heard of it happening to humans, but we are here to tell you planet earth is undergoing its own form of shape shifting. How you might ask? Well that remains to be seen. Only we know when and where it will occur. But we can tell you this much, our sister Carmen has chosen a place to live that will not be affected with the changes that are likely to occur in the near future. Yes dear ones, she did confide with the Heavens on her resting place. And by that we mean a place to call home sweet home. Isn't that right Carmen? Me: it sure is! Considering nowhere has felt like home for forever, not even when I bought a house. But, 3 years 3 months and 13 days later (without one), I'm beyond ready to go "home." This side of Heaven that is. And I'm excited!! ETs: well said sister Carmen. We knew we could depend on you to speak the truth and nothing but the truth so help you God. It is in your utmost respect and unconditional love for planet earth, on partly why you were chosen. As we mentioned yesterday and the day before, the reasons for choosing you will be revealed in due time. Yes folks, it is still us talking. Not quite dwarfs, but the seven of us talking. And we will leave it at that for now. For in due time, all will be revealed. Who we are, where we are from, and our plans for the planet on which you live. And we can tell you right now, it's all very wholesome and good. But we cannot stress enough, it is for those who embrace it. For all the others of you, we bid you farewell. And we mean that in every sense of the word.

For these three waves of Ascension that Carmen and brother Matt have spoken of, are very real. Not everyone will undergo the ginormous changes that took place within our Saint. And survive, all without having a home. But some of you won't make it through to the other side. Why you ask? For starters, you will consult a doctor. One that hasn't a clue on Ascension, and one who will fill your body with more poison. A body riddled with poison does not need more poison. For, two negatives only work out to a positive in algebra. And last we knew, you are not some sort of equation that needs to be figured out. God wrote the book on your life, and it is God granting us thee authority to speak these words thru our interpreter, our beloved sister Carmen. For, that she is.

In wrapping up today's post, we would like to fill your mind with the belief that Extraterrestrial's do exist. We are not some sort of human being. No dear ones, and we are quite proud of who we are and where we are from. We've also got so much to share that we don't know where to begin. What is it that you want to know? Just ask. But we can tell you this much, we will be covering all bases of life from where we are from. We leave no stone unturned. We will even be giving you health and beauty secrets on how and why it is that we can live so long. And do so with such ease and grace.

You might be delighted to know how it is, we remain wrinkle free. From head to toe, we will be revealing all that we do to remain ageless, as we embark on billions of years in existence. And to say our rules don't apply to you, is to sell yourself short of what could be. But we must go for now. Our Saint needs her rest, and the time is near for us to call it a night. In our neck of the woods. And by that we mean, what life would be like if we all live in love, truth, honesty, and justice. For it is in doing these, that more will be revealed. But we bid you farewell dear ones. For, it is in God we trust. Amen and Amen. For title sweet pea, please call it, By The Grace of God. And by that we mean, that we are connected." ~thee Extraterrestrial's God sent~

As a lover of DIY health and beauty treatments, these will be so cool to get. Even more interesting is his they and God (in previous post) all mention the "new earth" and "shape shifting." Time will tell who has that oceanfront property many of us have heard about for eons. Of course, for all in the Heavens, time is nothing.

May you be blessed to ride the waves of Ascension long enough to see the shape shifting of the new earth occur.

By the grace of God, it's ours for the partaking.

Carmen, thee Urban Ascended Master

Me: good to go? ET's: yes sweet pea, we love it and we love you. Me: "sweet pea," I love it, and love you all. Thank youuuuuu!

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