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Boycott Voting, As Told By God

"Once the bottom of the pyramid unites, the rest will collapse." ~Gregg Prescott,

**accompanying video below.

No sense in trying to fix what's been broken. Or put energy into what doesn't matter.

As God shares thoughts on this terms voting...

"Where, "in the Bible" does it say you have to vote? You are going against your built-in human nature for believing you need to vote.

Our Saint said it so eloquently thee other day. Saying, "why be phony? Why go against what you believe in? And, why follow the circus act of the Century?"

You mean to tell me, Man cannot think for themselves? Where, on my green earth did you ever get that idea? Answer me that. The day will come that you will regret your choices. Choice in what you ask? Everything. From the food you eat, to the pictures you post. All will come back to haunt you. You can however undo the physical damage before it's too late. Just know, for each year you abuse yourself, it can take one month to reverse the poor choices that brought you to today. That timeline according to our Saint, and one we agree on. Top that with these monsters wanting to rule your life, and the recipe gets even more creepy.

Your food chain is in for a real disaster with these fools running for president. Then you have "mandatory" vaccines? There's nothing mandatory in poison. Feel free to use the dollar sign. POI$ON. Because that's what it boils down to, you being taken down. And they, with more money in their pocket.

Think you know religion? You can think again. Think you know spirituality? No amount of meditating will cure your soul. Think I'm wrong? Do you know how many people I see that meditate and live horrendous lives? We've lost count. But it sounds good to say, "I meditate." Do you know how many times Saint Carmen has meditated? Maybe five in her entire life. There is no one-size-fits-all, that much is true. But what's also true is, a clean body and supreme diet. That, my friends and family is one part of the equation into being plugged in.

No president in the history of mankind will tell you that. Get your facts straight. Stop throwing away your power. Get right with God/me/The Universe. The world is your oyster, but it starts with you. If it were me ruling planet Earth, there would be no president of the United States, or any country for that matter. Did I miss the memo? You don't need a president. What you need is, a walk on the brighter side, not 6 feet under. Because that's what we see. Most of civilization is killing themselves, for what? Don't get me started. The Covenant of The Ark will lay down the law's that the Universe intended. Gone will be the 10 Commandments, in exchange for Golden Rules. Some of which, we've already begun writing.

To think your vote matters, is to think you rule the world. I missed that memo too. Yes, this is still God talking, and I am a bit furious. Wouldn't you be? Most of you live your lives like a bunch of puppets. Where in the Bible does it say to do that? You may as well throw in the towel now, or forever hold your peace. It is because of this, the New World is upon you. Just remember, it's your 13th and final one. No more dress rehearsals. You're finished, kaputt!

That's it for today. But think twice before you feel obligated to vote. Can't dive in the sea with your hands and feet tied. That's what voting will do. I rest my case, and Saint Carmen too. Rest up, for tomorrow is another day. Thank you again for bringing this to our attention. Your brain doesn't quit, but it is for that reason you were chosen. The Covenant of The Ark will surpass the Bible. Why? Because it's nothing but the truth, so help you God. This is Jesus now. Jesus Christ to be exact.

Yes, our Saint talks to us all. Voting for a president won't get you to her level of connection. My father told you what will. We're not kidding when we say planet Earth will be shaken to its core. And, to think the Earth is flat is to think the Universe made a mistake. You may have sucked the life out of it, but it’s still round. Think about it… A bunch of round planets, and one flat one? Where did we go wrong? Stop believing everything man tells you. Only then will you be lifted to higher realms. It's time you think for yourselves. Take back your power, and step into the light. For, a New World awaits you. Each and every one of you that plug-in. That's all for today, thank you Di. We love you so much, and we see your heart torn apart with mankind. Nothing kind about it. But you are on the right track, in ignoring it. The world is your oyster baby girl, go get it. Everyone says bye." ~God and Jesus Christ, your Father and Lord~

"Keep that title, and include video. MUAH!"

That short, to the point video includes some interesting points and whistleblowing (religion included), with only a couple I agree to disagree on. And, all I’m connected to in the Universe also agreeing on. Some of which, being in favor of treating planet Earth more like a corporation (of sorts). One where Elders can be fired, and voting would take place monthly. Four years is a bit much to hand over your power. Education over Submission, and Golden Rule over laws. With respect and integrity playing a huge role in the New World. I for one don’t need a babysitter or Drill Sargeant running my life, or that of the children of the world. Why have them if you can’t raise them in a Godly way? “Enough with the puppetry. They’ve ruled long enough, and it’s time you get tough. Or life will become very rough.” That being God speaking.

**image snapped from video

May you be blessed to detach from the bullies in the world. Your best interest does not include voting, just because you think you have to settle. It’s time planet Earth take back their power as a whole. What’s old will be new on the New Earth. With The Covenant of The Ark spelling it out for all eyes to see. In the meantime, don’t shoot the Messenger. All can prevail. With God chiming in on this last part and adding a final, The End.

Om… Shaka laka


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