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Book of Truth or Dare?

In waking to these lyrics (below), they led me to Vincent Van Gogh and the Easter eggs he painted. Not to be a thorn in anyone’s side or pour salt in any emotionally sensitive wounds, but celebration comes from the heart. For all the right reasons would help. So much more that can be said, but that is where the book comes in with this now…

“There will come a time when all you believe to be true will elude you. Today is one of those days. Today is a day that will be remembered. For today on your holiday calendar marks one year that I made myself known, albeit in the cab of an 18-wheel truck in the sunny skies of Colorado, that I did.

What began as an enjoyable post with the likes of our Saint’s mother and more in attendance, turned to her fighting to catch her breath. Why? For the book they did not want to go out. “They” being the dark side. Like your government officials, political, federal, does not matter. What does is, they do not have your best interest in their heart of hearts. What does Easter signify to you today? A time to worship my son Jesus? A time to get right with God, that being me. Let me tell you one thing and one thing only, you have been lied to since the beginning of time, from Christmas to Easter and many times in between. Why? To put money in their pockets.

A year ago, tho more like March 27, 2016, the one channeling me now and I began our communion. Who knew the overwhelming love she would have for me would help set the tone for the New World? Today she finishes the Book of Truth, a 375 page book on your origins, and more. The ones your world has tried to hide since Jesus and I have been gone. The very ones lost in the Ark of The Covenant. The very ones that were meant to set you free, only that did not occur, did it? What did occur has been an Occult of the highest order. How you say? Today, for starters. Church is and forever will be a hoax. Why you spend your hard earned cash paying their wages, I do not understand. The Universal Holy World is in agreement, some of which you will read about in our book, due out today. With a new graphic designer as of yesterday, that may not be the case. It was meant to be and here is why.

Had Rome been built in a day would things have gone your way? That, just to keep you focused. Had our book been released today it may have rained on the Easter Bunny, no joke. Who in their right mind would fabricate such a story? The takers of the world? You give they take, that is who. What do you get when you cross an Easter egg with an Easter basket? We do not know either, other than a basket to fill with all your dollar bills. Mother Mary would like to have a word. We are no longer going to play your game, the truth must be told. So be it on your Easter Sunday. Yes boys and girls, for some, their once a year trip to their nearby church has reeled them in to pay forgiveness for their sins. There is so much we have to tell you. Tho, your God would like to keep it private until the release of the book, we believe this week. A fine young student Saint Carmen has become. Thru the tears and laughter, she accomplished the channeling of the Book of Truth on behalf of many. Tired is an understatement, yet she channels this. God would like to finish, goodbye my loves.

Today also marks the coming of more lies told in church to Woo you in to submission. How is that working for you? Had it been, you would not be there today. Let us end by saying, we love you. We ask that you begin to see the light yourselves. If not now, when? Amen and Amen. Please title this, “Book of Truth or Dare?” Soon we dare you to get right with me, your Lord and Father in your Heaven. If not for me, do it for yourself.” As God fades with a, “please and thank you.”

And now for a portion of the lyrics.

“And now I understand what you tried to say to me How you suffered for your sanity How you tried to set them free. They would not listen They did not know how Perhaps they'll listen now."

Such sadness in that song, when in reality, any form of mental illness is your spirit’s cry for help. Has church helped once and for all? Should your thoughts be getting the best of you, consider for a moment they are not yours. The good news is, you are connected. Save your time and energy to get past the gate keepers. They being the dark side, wanting to keep you away from being in communion with God, and others that long to talk.

May you be blessed to see beyond pain and darkness. It simply means, there is light waiting for you at the end of that tunnel.

In spirit, with love


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