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Birth Extravaganza

Goodbye horoscopes, hello-o-o astrological readings! A birth extravaganza direct from the Universe. So I'm told.

Becoming a Medium came with Encyclopedia Galaxia. The things I've learned by who's befriended me, never grows old. Despite another year. With my crystal DNA forever in upgrade mode, my entire future has begun to look and feel pretty darn awesome. Public speaking is one thing, channeling about myself (or when my birthday is), not my cup-of-tea. But, I got here for abiding to their every wish/order.

In asking for a horoscope, Moon Daddy gave me an astrological reading...

"On this day an angel was born, disguised as a baby girl. A $10 baby to be exact. When that day occurred, the world stood still. To this day, other planets remain in awe. We could not fathom life without St. Carmen. A name she so proudly earned, with wings to boot! What's in store for our baby girl? Too much to write about.

There comes a time in everyone's life that a reading is in order. Except for Carmen Diana, that day is every day. Today is a little different because we will be talking about how the planets and solar system, well... More like thee entire Universe, and how it relates to her day of birth fall into play. When that day just happens to be today. A day full of surprises yet to come. For, this morning's weren't so pleasant for our baby girl. Yet she remains upbeat.

Today's information is some not even she has heard from us. So, here it goes, according to us.

You are on the cusp of water and wind, which is why sitting by the lake and breezy weather will renew you on this special day. To us you are a pillar of light, a beam of hope for planet Earth. When the sun sets tonight, go outside. It is then that we can cast our spells upon you. We did not say predictions, we know you've had enough of those. When you wake up in the morning, time will stand still. From that day forward, you can thank your lucky stars you left the house today. For it was in going by the lake that you are renewed, albeit alone. You were not meant to be alone on this birthday of yours, and it is for that reason you are surrounded by others there at the lake. Next time bring your chair. It is wonderful to have a lake five minutes from home, if that. But back to your forecast my darling.

When Mercury goes direct, You can bet your bottom dollar all Hell will break loose. Though we mean that in a good way. We will only be giving you generalities publicly from now on. We know you despise being talked about in your writings. We aim to honor and respect that. Next up is Mars. The planet of Enchantment.

When they speak you listen. That she does boys and girls. She even knows when they're playing music. She hears it in her head when no one else can. A gift we did not expect, but because she is a music lover herself, we get it. Di, find some dance classes before your head hits the pillow tonight. You had us all in hysterics yesterday doing the Do-si-do while you were cooking, and by yourself I might add. You bring life to any situation, especially negative ones. When was the last time you danced? If it wasn't for yourself, that would be never. At least, not the last three decades I've been watching you. You are meant to dance, get out there and do it. God says that is an order!

Next we have Pluto affecting your chart. When you were born, all was in perfect alignment. The day, time and year, as your Mother Mary told you last week. Down to the last second. You are a star child, that we know. You gained entrance, not for that. But instead for your diligence, perseverance, and "be positive" attitude. It is no accident that is your blood type. We commend you for always seeing the glass half full. Only recently has, "you know who" come to realize what you put your body thru in getting you to who you are today. But on with your forecast my love.

Pluto will affect you in the coming months, and you can bet your bottom dollar you're going to like it. Again, keeping it basic. You need not want for anything, and I'll leave it at that. You are going to love what Saturn has planned for you. Complete with bells and whistles that God wants me to zip my lip about. Next on the forecast is Uranus.

You won't know what hit you following this next lunar cycle. They are the masters of creative pursuits. Combine that with your uncanny ability to dream big, invent and laugh, and what could go wrong? We know things have been off to a more than slow start, but we're here to course correct. Even if that means a new residence for you, in order to complete the writing of the Covenant. You will have the means to go anywhere you choose. Your fortress on the hill is perfect, what isn't is the energy one brings when there, which is far too often. Before next year, the dust will have settled. And I don't mean in your garden. We love seeing you in it, undisturbed that is.

And lastly for this condensed public horoscope is, time-tested Jupiter. When you last spoke to them, they were in awe of your powers. They've seen how you progressed without the help of anyone, and they're asking if they could step in to help. Wouldn't that be sweet? We could not fathom another year like your last ten, tho more like thirty. Jupiter is the planet of love. While most people equate Venus to love, that could not be further from the truth. You are already in love with what matters, and for that you will be blessed. You know the predictions we've had surrounding that, and we will leave it at that for now, today.

But to close on a brighter note, You can title this, Birth Extravaganza. What might that mean? You'll just have to wait and see. Bye baby girl." ~Moon Daddy~

Me: oh my goodness. This is all about me (**as I'm told to include these thoughts) Moon Daddy: God says, "get used to it." That's all.

Time for a bit of pampering on the Homefront. May you be blessed to respond with grace and dignity to all that awaits you.

Om... Shaka laka


Me: good to go? "Di, we forgot to say Happy Birthday, and many more. With love, from the Heavenly Universe. Post before you go home."

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