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Biblical Writings, As Told By Universe

To this day, I cannot believe where my yearning to talk to my mom and learn past life regression has led me.

Past life regression, dream interpretation, astrologer, and now a Medium. As I hear, "you forgot something, "Saint." That from the one writing this post.

I've seriously got access to all thee above without any training. THAT is the power of living according to how you were created to be.

Even more exciting is, Jesus finally speaks publicly...

"This is Jesus. We have begun to tell the story on an account by account basis. Of what really happened. Those fateful days before and after the Bible. To think you know the story, is think the Pope is Muslim. Nothing whatsoever against Muslims, my point is, you don't know half the story.

Saint Carmen and I have been talking for two months now, and my life has never been the same. We wake at the same time each and every day. She is nonstop, bringing light to what has become a dark world. I have been so busy to talk publicly, but not a single day goes by without Saint Carmen. She has turned our world upside down, in ways we never imagined. She has tapped into an untapped world, just by being herself.

God my father and I have been speaking the real deal of the Bible to her the last five days. We are in awe of her commitment. And, early riser she is, but lately she's getting up in the middle of the night just to rewrite the Bible. We could not be more proud to call our sister Carmen a Saint. Tho, a Prophet is more like it.

I think that's enough. Thank you Carmen Diana. You have shown me how life could be on Planet Earth. Amen and Amen." ~Jesus, your lil brother~

YEP! Not only am I allowed to call God my BFF, Jesus told me to call him that. And on occasion, JESUS! I kid you not. He and God are two peas in a pod. And thee apple does not fall far from the tree. Jesus is hilarious too! To this day I cannot believe all my blessings.

Keep praying. Just know, with prayer comes much respect for yourself and others, in order for them to respond. And think diligence.

May you all be blessed to be the person you were created to be. Because only then can miracles happen.


Me: good to go? Jesus: thank you Di. God says, "sayonara." We love you so much.

**a photo Jesus chose, compliments of my NASA app

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