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Best Fairy Tale Ever

Guides are so good, and for too many reasons to list. They are now my personal shoppers. They had me get rid of all that they did not like. Some of which included new things and my favorite FAVORITE pancho pullover. They want clothes that fit well. But that's not all. Purple and turquoise yes, red no. Thankfully I was no longer a fan of pants. But they had me get rid of my one and only pair. Those being Lucky brand jeans. No biggy. What was surprising was... They did not want to communicate with bra on.

Interestingly, my wrist and first heavy cast did a number on shoulder/neck. Thee only way I got relief was to go braless for over 2 weeks. **For those with thoughts going downhill in snowball like fashion. You might wanna keep your ego in check. Because you too can have the best fairy tale ever.

Where was I? Oh, yes. That 2-week liberating timeframe was when brother Matt came to me in a dream. The rest is history and beginning to make sense.

So. My bras have been replaced with purple tank tops and/or camisoles. The latter being hard to find.

Next. Gone are the days of costume jewelry. The more gifts/powers they give me, the more protection I need. So, not only do I have my lapiz merkaba on, crystal pendulum and SAGE in my purse. I was to go to the Zales next to Macy's. There it was.

After Christmas sales helped

Before going, I looked online. Saw what I wanted, went and found it. The LAST one too. Blue diamonds on thee outside and white inside. Instead of thee other way around, like I saw online. She's a beauty! 55% off helped.

Next. I was in dire need of a wallet. Cell phone case doubled as a wallet until it ripped. What'd they have me get? A purple Coach one. Again, sales and coupons are making this possible. Because I'm not a fan of advertising for the wrong reasons.

Finally. Since appetite has dwindled, I needed kid size tableware. Kept over serving.

I know when I've had enough. I begin coughing. Tho, I also cough with bad energy and impure thoughts near me. When I eat too much and/or something they don't agree with, they let me know. Swelling will occur below bottom lip.

Something that's been happening for 2+ years. When they want your attention, they'll get it. Because no amount of dietary changes or muscle testing was cutting it.

Cost Plus to the rescue

Went in for small plate and bowl, came out with this. All guide selected. The one and only fork there must've had bad mojo. No go. BEFORE minus place setting. AFTER, and back to Macy's it is. They want me to get a picnic like case. Gets bumpy in here.

Now mind you. I'm on an 18-wheel truck, and reminded them. Their response? Doesn't matter. My tray alone was a pretty penny. Their response? You have the money. Again, 20% off all helped.

They're in for some major cleaning when it comes time to go thru my 10 x 10 storage (with walking space).

I've always loved fairy tale movies and still dream of going to my first ball. Never in my life would I believe my fairy tale would be heaven and star (Pleiadian) sent.

Please understand, I will not be posting to brag. I do instead to share what could also be yours. You just gotta be willing to let go. That includes eGO. Also know, they're not into status as their messages/quotes show. Less is more. They prefer quality over quantity. Which is great because I can't think well surrounded by dust collectors (clutter). Or toxic waste in my gut.

You too have a choice.

May you all be blessed


p.s. This was written on my way to Macy's. Bras weren't the only thing I had to get rid of. CHONIES. Not commando--Whew! They did not like the new ones I got late last year on the road. Their opinion? Cheap.

Therefore, I went in for 1-pack, came out with 2. And 2-pair of leggings. One being purple-ish. Funny thing is, they know my size better than me. It was also their decision on two, 2 and color selection.

Considering I'm not a fan of shopping, they've now made it fun. More than that, it is special. Faith tells me they'll provide the mean$ too.

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