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Become Ever More Fearless

Getting to where I am today wasn't easy. But as God explains, I've become ever more fearless.

"Wondering how our Saint knows what she knows? Which is just a fraction of what you readers know up till now. It's because I, God her father in Heaven, my only begotten son Jesus and my mother Mary have all made contact with Ms. Carmen Diana.

But that's not all. She now has the key to thee entire Universe. What exactly does that mean? She has the Milky Way in the palm of her hand. Think that's funny? You won't once you see what she's been given the power to create. But it doesn't stop there. Jupiter, Mars, Saturn and Uranus are all onboard. Top that with Sirius, Pleiades and Neptune, and what you've got here is almighty power. You think she's been missing in action from the devil? Think again. She whipped their tails in a way we've never seen before. Destroying them to never return again. However, it came with a heavy price tag.

Thee expense of her mother. You see folks, life goes on after death, yes. But what you don't know is, they can die again. Perish, POOF, gone for good. Never to be seen or heard. Why did that happen to our beloved Saint's mother? You'll just have to wait and see. But in losing her mother, she gained mine.

So for those of you thinking she's lost her mind, boy are you in for a rude awakening. Wait till you see what becomes of our Saint. Never before in the history of the Bible, before, during or after has anyone come along and spoken to the three of us. Let alone, thee entire Universe. So think what you may, see where that gets you. But for our Saint, whose middle name is "fearless," she's been granted all that her heart desires. And before you go on rolling your eyes and yawning, I'd watch it. She is a force not to be reckoned with, our precious Saint.

For those of you who believe in astronomy, what's not to believe? For those followers of Star Wars, same thing. It was her they've made contact with, and for good reason. The new world is upon us, with our Saint at the forefront. Mark my word. And because of this connection, I'd stop with your shenanigans already because she's here to stay. So get used to it. She's been thru a lot the past two months, but did you see it posted? Her every move? Her fears? Her seeing herself hanging from the front porch of her house? Her being raped repeatedly in the privacy of her own home? No you didn't.

That's the power of the devil, and there were many trying to destroy her outcome. But she succeeded and no longer needs to worry. For, she is beyond safe. Yes it cost her, her mother. For details we'll go into when we feel she's ready. For now, what our Saint wants our Saint gets. If you think this is a hoax, just you wait and see.

Very good my Child. You did it, and for that you will be blessed. We are here to protect you, tho it is you who ran with it. Well done my Child, well done. Jesus says "hi" (as you see him wave). Yes dear, my mom, no, our mom just blew you a kiss.

Before I forget. One more thing our Saint will be doing in the near future to show them who her parents are. She will be having the three of us tattooed on two very conspicuous places for all to see. So if you know a talented and worthy tattoo artist with a love for Jesus in their heart, won't you be so kind to let her know. For now, she's found one in the state of Arizona. A state worthy of her return.

I believe that about wraps up what's been on my mind since you posted last night. We love you Carmen Diana. For title please put, "It Is Forgotten." That's it. Amen and Amen." ~God your father in Heaven, signed sealed and delivered~

And there you have it. A glimpse of what thee afterlife can do. It was in asking who God answers to, that the Heavens became my oyster. UNBELIEVABLE to hear, "it is granted" from a power greater than God. Who knew?

I'm thankful for thinking outside planet earth. Had I not, I do believe I'd have thrown in the towel. Since I didn't, I can now call upon any or all higher powers and have the dark side destroyed for the protection of all, and for good. Instantly too, I might add. Tho as God told me, my roots have been planted, so I am forever safe. And as God mentioned, in time we will share why my precious mother is gone.

For now, God and all continue to do their Bible study in preparation for us rewriting it. What a FASCINATING book that will be! I could go on sharing my discoveries, but I'll save that for the Bible.

May you all be blessed


**looks like I'm good to go. A standing ovation is what I see from too many to count.

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