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Because I Told You So

Where God gets some of the titles from, I haven't a clue. I do want to mention, what some might see as "small talk," I'm sorry. But I begin taking and include all notes they ask of me. I believe it's partly to show, yes. Conversations with God and others don't just exist, they speak our language.

As for calling me "Di," It is what my mom called me (and my family Diana).

God: Ready Di? Me: Yes God: What would you like to write about? Me: Anything you feel is important. Or a message of inspiration, hope and faith. God: Okay, here it goes… Whenever life throws you lemons, detox. When life throws you watermelons, detox. And when life throws you bananas, smother them with a nut butter of your choice." Me: That’s you talking? God: Got your attention, didn’t it? Me: YEP! God: Okay, but really. Since when has popular meant mean? And sophisticated stupid? That’s right. Not at all the post our Saint was expecting, but needs to be told. As girlfriend type to keep up. She can’t exactly dictate there in Starbucks. Not at all her favorite hangout, but it’s home until hers become ready. That’s right. Our Saint has once again been sleeping in her “ride.” By choice I might add. Five nights now, right my Child?" Me: YEP! God: And how are you liking it? Me: Now that I feel safer and less disturbed, not bad. Makes for long days. But, getting grounded on grass and visiting animal shelter was peace and love at their finest. God: Well said my Child. We saw your heart at that shelter, and how you kept apologizing for them being there. And yes, some were human in a past life. A question our Saint posed. Seeing the look in their eyes. Now where were we? Ahh yes, and yes, that’s where you get that from. Us. “Ahh yes,” in case you’re wondering. We all begin to take on each others vocabulary. Like it or not, it is what it is.

**God reads my mind...

And yes my Saint. It is ”weird” to enjoy coffee or tea and be on your computer with a bunch of strangers. Soon you won’t have to. However, you continue to amaze us with your sense of style and progression amid the, not being "homebound" yet. As for your next stop after that home, that remains to be seen. And by that I mean, all great things. But we won’t go there. I sense your uncomfortableness when we talk about you, our humble Saint.

It has come to our attention, these names we have for you also make you feel a bit awkward. But because you do all that is asked of you, you use them. Well, if it’s any consolation, you will be stepping into all the powers we gave you. In the very near future I might add. We’re also quite proud you haven’t been wearing your reading glasses much. But you know as well as we do, diet and detox play a huge important role on not just our health, but our vision also. And as you posted earlier, your teeth. That’s right folks. Want whiter teeth, then eat the foods I created. Quit reaching for all the quick fixes our Saint has written extensively about. Those that will leave you looking and feeling twice your age. You can uppercase TWICE.

As for your eyes however. You still need glasses dear one. Your ascension has come wrought with a few unpleasant side effects. With your eyes and skin feeling them the most. We do like that little water bottle you carry and mist yourself with on occasion. And for those that think it’s hotflashes, think again. For, her body is too clean to have such a thing happen. And in case you’re wondering, she also gets cold flashes. But again, that’s what a clean body does. Right Saint, my Child? Feel free to elaborate on that one.

Me: Yes God. When our energy isn’t being SPENT on digesting foreign “foods,” it is used on more important areas. Like creativity for brain and energy for your body. I’ll take a cool temp body over one whose engine is about to blow a fuse. No gracias! Even if that means being a tad nippy more often than not. Now, to just find all the right clothes and material my body can handle. God: Yes dear one, we’re working on that. We know it’s very unbelievable at this stage of your “Mediumhood.” But bear with us, as we get all your ducks in order. To say you’re an average Medium is like saying the Pope is an average Priest. Yes, you got that right.

For those wondering, our Saint checks in often on her channeling. You have to. We commend you for that. Without that, there’s no telling WHO you’re channeling. And with you being the perfect conductor, you’ve got to be extra careful. You’ve got everything a great Medium needs. Clear channels and a well hydrated body. So much so, your body does its own thing in water practically. And FORGET about carrying 2 jugs of water. It is hilarious as you know, but you can’t afford anymore injuries. Yes folks, our Saint walks like she’s drunk when carrying more than one water bottle. She does however feel the gravitational pull of planet earth. Something her “brother Matt” talks about, for He himself experiences the same thing.

We are happy you’ve been able to catch up on his teachings. A wonderful soul of a man. We are still high 5-ing him for selecting you. As you WHIP OUT your pendulum to confirm that one. You really are too cute. Soon the laughs will resume at the level they were in the past. Despite the truck being bad for your health, we did have some flat out side busting laughs. Woo Hoo, you got that all in. As she is granted a “yes” with her pendulum on hearing correctly. Not always easy to hear thee exact word, especially in a public place. With some not so keen on silence. As our Saint can’t HELP but hear the rude woman next to her have the speaker on her phone. For what? Nothing more than mostly nonsense. Breathe Carmelita breathe (as you say). Now back to today’s message. As you breathe a sigh of relief.

Never in history has life become what some consider “life” to be now. Need an example? Dr. Wayne began speaking his frustrations a few days ago. That, following a meeting we had up here on behalf of all you "earthlings.” We do have many names for you all and "earthling" does not top the list. I'll leave it at that. But will say, an “earthling” is one who respects and appreciates Mother Earth. As our Saint giggle, because I said, GULP. But really, how life became so complicated, so distracted, and so nonsensical beats me. I did not create it. And it is not me who will undo it.

You (not our Saint) got yourselves into that corrupted mess. And it is You who will get you out of it. You can use all the emoticons you want along the way. Something that yes, we see as a cop out way of communicating. Feel free to insert what Dr. Wayne began writing. He spells it out more than I, but I couldn’t agree with him more. Go ahead, insert. Me: Some is a repeat on my home. Still want me to post it? God: Yes dear one.

From Dr. Wayne Dyer 5-23-16

"We are in a time where seriousness has become the norm, and childlike a crime. Where being a kid is no longer allowed. And where LMAO is looked upon as funny. And LOL cute. Never in history have wannabe acronyms taken precedence over truth and justice. Truth in what really matters and justice in what serves your best interest.

To think you've arrived with these sorts of things is to think the Easter bunny is real. Yes. For whatever reason I've become perturbed with the nonsense that most consider life and living. There is no one incident that sparks my interest in this post, but instead one of several meetings we've had on the subject.

Our God, as you may notice, no longer allows our Saint to use emoticons on her daily writings. No Siree! Why? Because anyone can hide behind a yellow face, an orange face or whatever expression of a face or emotion you choose to use. That's right! And you know what else we like about our Saint? She has never, not once, used LOL. For she is a leader and not a follower. As she ask if she's channeling correctly. Yes dear, you are.

**I ask because Lucifer likes to chime in (and block others).

We know you don't like any post to be about you, so I'll stop. And apologize, it was not my intent. Ahh yes, the power of intention. One of many of my books. One that would behoove most to read. And one that could leave you running for the door on your old life in favor of your God intended one. For only, in letting go do you discover the plan God has for your life. A very very good one, I might add. Superb really. Yes, Saint Carmen, we know you can't dictate this post there where you're at. Starbucks for those that wonder.

In due time your sacred writing space await you each and every morning. To say we are excited would be a misword of an understatement. Yes folks. We cannot believe the writings our real LIVE Princess Di continues to push out. And by that I mean, complete and accomplish without a single comfort of home. That's right. Our Saint does not want anyone to know what I'm about to say. For the past 3 nights she has been sleeping in her car (again). By choice. And given our stamp of approval, as she near the finish line of being without a home.

Notice I did not say "homeless?" Never in the 3+ years has our Saint been homeless. Without a home yes, but never homeless. She chose this route, and as painful as it has been at times, she never, not once, took the easy way out. Isn't that correct my Saint?" ~Dr. Wayne, her guide on thee other side~ Me: yep. Peace and gratitude come from doing what I've done. And choose to do.Besides, hotels get old and costly.

**God continues...

God: Okay, now where were we? Yes, it has become a bit of a habit of mine to say that, but I don’t see you complaining. Nudge nudge, wink wink. Me: Agreed, my funny God! God: But in all seriousness Di, we love you more than you know. We are watching out for you each and every day and night as you round that last corner and slide down that monumenetous hill you’ve had to climb. For, in due time you will see your rewards. For now, we GET IT. We know and see how you feel while you wait this last interval of your journey out. And, if we must say so ourselves, you are passing it with flying colors. Your sacred writing space awaits you. Complete with views, and soon to be a dog or two. We like your idea of a big and small one. Yes, we hear Whitney Houston playing from homegirl next door.

For those that see “homegirl or boy” as a derogatory name, not quite. Consider it an endearing term for the 21st Century, used “correctly” that is. No putting it out of context. But, we must bid you farewell. We know you’ve got things to do. We wish you luck on finding the perfect coverup. One in your color, style and fabric your fashion police say. To those wondering, our Saint needs to keep her skin cool, yet able to breath. For that she needs long sleeves and cotton. Or finer fabrics, but who know who will help you locate those. For now, just find something to hold you over until that time comes. Oh oh, we see your head heating up. We must end PRONTO.

We love you. Goodbye, Amen and Amen. Please title this, Because I Told You So. As she giggles again. MUAH my love.

Me: thank youuuuuu. I LOVE you all. I will post from phone in a few. God: Yes Di, we totally understand.

Needless to say, I no longer have to imagine what they think about certain things. Of course, like this post, they volunteer quite a bit of information. I DO know that when I see an "LOL," it does kinda spoil the moment. I for one do "laugh out loud." No need to spell it. Now... A yawn (as in boring) or COUGH (as in YO, I'm talking to you). Those, I may spell out on occasion.

Anyhow, I'm all for laughing. And prefer to be around those that do too. Some not-so-acronyms or not. Bring on the medicine/laughter!

For now, I do await the call on move in day. YAY!

May you all be blessed to see this post for what it is. Be yourself. Because God told you so.


Me: ok to post? Good to go darling! Me: Is that God? God: Big yes!

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