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Be The Best You Can Be, Naturally!

Beauty secrets from two of my very own beautiful expert guides, so that you can all be the best you can be, naturally! Lord knows I try daily.

August 11th marked a year since I was chosen (in a dream) to become who I am today. A Medium with quite the "following." Gazillions of Heavenly friends and family.

Anyhow, my Ascension was catapulted following my near death experience three months prior (June 11, 2015). One that left me with ongoing shoulder pain. And this post.

In trying desperately to be free of pain (naturally), I went braless. Worked like a charm! Little did I know, going braless (w/ metal plate in wrist) would raise my connection further. Literally! To the point of me discovering Heaven on earth. And because of that, I remain braless. Per all above, my gifts, and my pain.

I did not expect to do it for life. But, not only has it been ordered by God, I knew the ramifications involved with wearing a bra, especially underwire. Thus, I had already begun seeking bra alternatives before broken wrist. And, have now begun designing/making my own.

As they say, my brain never stops.

This morning I began asking God a few questions about our mother (Mary, mother of God).


Me: What size breast/bra she was/wore, and what she wore for support and cover-up. God's response, "she's like you," meaning size wise. And, "she does what you do," meaning wears camisoles/tank tops and scarfs.

Then I commented, so she was on the smaller side. God's response, "no. Average like you." That's when I gave my two cents on my belief. Yes, of course. No hormones, steroids or endocrine disrupting chemicals back then. To put weight on males and females alike, like they do animals.

Well then. I had to ask, being that Ms. Marilyn Monroe is one of my expert guides, I had to ask. "How was it that she and Cleopatra were so voluptuous? Marilyn chimed in... "You had to ask." Followed by, "I did the exercises you began doing." Because FYI, neither one of them ate endocrine disrupters or had implants. There's more those two did for their figure, but she's saving it for another post.

Next, I wondered how her skin was so flawless. Her response, "you had to ask. I applied my urine morning and night." Something else I did for a short time, and will do once home and settled. There's more to that story too, were just giving an intro to her beauty routine. A true legend, now and forever.

Marilyn was happy to share her beauty routines. I was happy the conversation continued, so we both decided I take notes to post publicly. Apparently, she's been wanting to, but stated, "you had to suggest." So polite and humble all are up in the Heavens.

And here she is on a question she already answered. Tho, the one that prompted us to write.

Me: so... Are you a natural blonde? Marilyn: yes Me: did you put anything on your hair, like lemon juice? To highlight it further? Marilyn: yes Me: what about hydrogen peroxide? Marilyn: yes Me: gotta love old school nontoxic or invasive beauty treatments. What else would you like to say or share with all? Marilyn: first of all, I want to say thank you to you. For giving us the stage to present ourselves. Like Anna Marie told you last night, you don't turn anyone away. And for that you are blessed.

There will be no more beauty treatments today. Reason being, God has a special announcement. For your eyes only.

I cannot thank you enough. Ms. Audrey Hepburn would like to say a few things." Me: woo hoo! She's another who's brain on beauty I wanna pick. Marilyn: We know. Bye Ms. Carmen Diana. We love you so much! Me: and I ,all of youuuu! Audrey: hello darling.

** hearing her "darling" just melts my heart. That accent!!

Audrey: you are too adorable. It is true God has a special announcement. One you've waited on a long time. I just want to add, that I too used urine on my face morning and night. Your skin is flawless already, but that my lovely, will bump up thee ante further. Goodbye my darling."

SUCH a beautiful voice and lady!

I Cannot WAIT to get all their beauty secrets. Both these lovely ladies have been with me for about three months now. It pays to inquire.

Me: oooh, ladies! What title would you like to give this?

"Be The Best You Can Be, Naturally"

Nothing like being connected to Source!

May you all be blessed with good routines and habits of your own.

It's a darn good thing I was already transparent. Or I'd have thrown in the towel on being outta my comfort zone months ago! ✌🏼️


Me: good to go? Audrey and Marilyn: yes. We love you so much.

**photos they chose

Their response? "Thank you for giving us a say. You are so kind. That's all."

And to think, Lucille Ball has yet to share her beauty secrets. I'm grateful for she being one of many on the fashion police team. Tho, it's more like, style.

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