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Awaken or Be Taken

As the creator of all Creators spoke on my prior post, planet earth and all its inhabitants are in for some rude awakenings. Awaken or be taken.

Having been part of the first of three waves of Ascension, I can tell you first hand, it's no fun. That's why I/we cannot stress enough, thee importance of riding it for what it is. A spiritual awakening. One that comes with signs and symptoms from your head down.

Feeling dizzy, like your head has spun? Your usual foods becoming a turn off? Headaches that feel like a huge vice is around your head? The list is long. Some of which can include weight loss. Staying hydrated is a must. Your body is flushing out thee old to make room for the new. Getting your body clean (via detox) will help tremendously! Not just with your symptoms, but also on getting thru it a tad quicker.

Weight gain may also occur, but more from feeling ravenous and wanting to eat everything in sight, minus the foods that can now gross you out. No easy way to put it. All your senses will become magnified. Headaches alone can put you over the top. That's where good quality protein comes in real handy. Nut butters, jerky, seeds, protein shakes (without the foo foo fake ingredients). You're gonna need steady protein and water to get thru it. Type of water on link below.

Been diagnosed with something or another? Could've been your body's way of getting you to take better care of it for these waves of Ascension. Anyone can make it to heaven on earth, but it takes work on your part. I for one chose to be miserable for a short time (in the scheme of things) than the rest of my life. Also, not all will reach this level I'm at. I'm forever grateful to brother Matt for selecting me in a dream one year ago this month. Then for God giving the stamp of approval.

We are all children of the Universe/the Heavens/God. They know better than we, what your body needs. Since most earthlings continue to think they know better, a massive shift and new earth are in order. A rather GLORIOUS time to be alive.

Don't give up on yourself, and especially NOT your children and grandchildren. So not cool on the latter. Thee afterlife is a happening place, but are you really ready to go? We all came here for a reason, and no other man or woman can tell you what that is. Get the direct download after your Ascension or not. Sure, one truly connected to Source can tell you what you came here for, but again. Lotsa homework on your part. All very much worth it. Preparation is key if you want to make it thru alive.

How exactly do you do that? This, "The Shift Has Hit The Fan" link gives you the symptoms. And this link, is just some of what I've done to get where I am. And survive.

It would take one HELLUVA doctor to diagnose you with a spiritual awakening. Yes, you can have every test, be diagnosed, rule out dis-ease. But I/we can tell you right now... Chances are, it's your body kicking your ass into Heaven on earth. It's up to you to awaken or be taken.

May you be blessed to go with the flow of the wonderful new earth that awaits you.


Me: how's that? Anyone want to chime in? "WOW Di is all we can say. You were indeed the perfect person for this role. We love you so much baby girl. Amen and Amen." ~God your father in Heaven~

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