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Awake Or Be Awakened

"We go thru levels of learning till we get it. Some want to remain in kindergarten. Saint Carmen has a Ph.D. Have strength, for your soul knows the way. Teachers are created, masters selected. There was no mistake in choosing Carmen. We are delighted beyond belief to have such a loving Medium. We are more anxious than her, to see her get her rewards. She takes "Trooper" to a whole new level. Takes a special person to do what she does, how she does. In a truck, on a cell phone. She plugs away.

To each their own, but love conquers all. Carmen fills the void time and time again. And for that, her journey begins today. Thank you for allowing me to talk."

Me: thank YOU.

"The pleasure is mine."

Me: before you tell me how to sign this, just know... I love you. Thank you for watching over me the last 2 months. Then being so patient to not talk, until today. Tho, is it safe to say, you're channeling someone who's alive?

"Yes. You will know soon."

Me: 😁 how shall I sign off?

"Tell them to check back later."

Me: 10-4! 😉

Oh. My. G👀DNESS!

breathe Carmelita breathe...

**in rushing to get this out before all 18 wheels started rolling, I put wrong title this guide gave me. UGH.

May you all be blessed to awaken to your soul's content!


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