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Ascension Into Love

Nothing like waking up to the sound of birds. Only thing missing was my most favorite smell, in all-l-l-l-l the world! Wet dirt. No garden in the Walmart parking lot. (No drive time left on these 18-wheels). And, not my first time sleeping here. But it sure beats the Tyson chicken plant. Then again, we weren't gated in on that one.

Anyhow, falling asleep to the sound of motors and back up alarms were balanced out. Hallelujah! The birds made it, a beauty of a morning! One that reminded me of my Nana Angie's house. An, oh-so-happy yard that brought wildlife to the city.

Since that turned into a conversation with her, I asked if she'd like to give a message. I love that they're all experts up there. With, Doctor and Writer topping their list.

As I always say, they know everything about everything and everyone. Including the bubble of thoughts over your head. I was very pleasantly surprised she spoke of Ascension. The 3 waves I've talked about.

One that is not easy, but worth every ache, pain and name I'VE been given.

Here she gives a glimpse on the 2nd wave...

"More souls will ascend in the coming months than the first wave of Ascension. Carmen has been there and done it.

People always want to take medicine for anything and everything. Thee Ascension symptoms are real. Not many will know how to handle without drugs. Saint Carmen has mastered them all.

She continues to have symptoms, but rather than take drugs she intuitively knows what to do. Just yesterday, she helped a seven year old. She loves helping. We enjoy seeing her. She never quits.

She has just discovered she has become one of the world's best Mediums. She finds it crazy, but it is true.

She wants off truck badly, but she needs protection. She was supposed to be picked up yesterday but her bodyguard is so darn shy. She now has to wait again. She needs to get off soon or it will affect her health.

We have a Medium in distress and are now ready to intervene. He may or may not be in her life. She is in need of therapy and real sleep.

She has become highly sensitive to all the plastic that surrounds her. The heat is another issue. Her patience runs low but she perseveres. Her skin is giving her the most trouble, but that can be expected with the powers she's been given.

We hope to have her...

**to me: "you will not like what we're going to say.

Me: do you want me to write this publicly? Nana Angie: yes. She is without bodyguard. Me: music to Florida's ears. Nana Angie: he left back to California to hire one. Me: Nana, so readers know... This "bodyguard" that fell for me, is not a real bodyguard. He was sent by Louise Hay. Thee one and only Louise Hay. Apparently this dude is quite the catch, he just sucks at catching. Okay. Sorry Nana. Just thought I'd give a lil explanation. Nana Angie: yes. Funny and true. She continues to make us laugh and take everything in stride. We look forward to her getting all that she has coming. She will make the world a better place. Just you wait and see."

Me: that's beautiful Nana. Thank you. I love you sooooo much. Before we say bye, can we edit what I wrote above? Nana Angie: yes. That's beautiful. Me: thank you Nana. I'll check back before I post.

I just want to say, earthlings are in the midst of Ascension. Whether you choose to believe or not, that is your prerogative. But that headache, dizziness or ache and pain you may be having, and/or trying to get a doctor to believe? It may very well be, Ascension. There are over 60 symptoms. A topic I wrote about here.

There are many children now being born in upgrade/Ascension mode. By now, most have heard the terms, Starseeds, Indigo, and Crystal children. Well, these children and first wave adults like myself, come from the Galaxy.

If you can believe that these precious souls are coming to earth, then my Sirian and Pleiadian Guides should also be believable.

I've never been a Star Trek or Star Wars lover, but do intend on watching now that I'm connected to heaven and the galaxies. Should you be a fan of those, more reason to believe when I channel for them.

However, experience before and after becoming a Medium have shown me. YEP, you really can lead a horse to water, but they gotta choose to drink it. In the case of Ascension. If you don't go with, and embrace the flow of it. Just know. You may check out sooner than you expected. That's how INTENSE this is. And how SERIOUS you should take it.

Doctors will slap a label on it and prescribe meds. Ascension or not, what a DISSERVICE you'd be doing yourself. To be chosen, then pour poison over it? I'll end by saying, your diet can make or break you during this, once in a lifetime experience. Clean up "thee act" now, and your symptoms can be less. Don't. And it may be too late to wish you did.

May you be blessed to wake up, BEFORE "they" try to wake you.

Me: okay Nana, how's thee end? Also, I need a title 😁 Nana Angie: very good mija. I just want to add that you know better than anyone the signs and symptoms. I lusm (love you so much). Me: oh, I just wanted to say. Now I know why some Masters shave their head 😁 Nana Angie: funny and yes. Me: that's really why? Nana Angie: yes (as she fade)

Perhaps, heat is one reason why shaving my head is beginning to sound really delightful lately. As for my burning itchy skin, I thank God for these. Ride the wave of Ascension!


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