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An Eye For An Eye, A Tooth For A Tooth

A far from serious post, is just the Sirians being silly. They, like my Pleiadian pal Guides are proof that life doesn't just exist (outside planet earth), love is what makes their world go round. Even more fascinating is, no matter the galaxy or planet, it's a place where everyone knows your name. And despite being from "other worlds," they all live as one in the Heavens.

No "lost" loved one in their "right mind" would have believed much of what goes on in the Heavens (prior to being there). But, as more earthlings get to thee other side of their Ascension, more will awaken to thee other forms of life that exist outside themselves. All very exciting!

For now, they wish you well this holiday weekend!

**as I hear them say... "Nice Di, we love it."

Love in its many splendid ways, boils down to one thing. Love for yourself. Without you, there would be no them. And without them, no you. Yes it can be complicated. If you can remember one thing, let it be this.

Love in any form outweighs the slightest bit of hate. "I hate this, we hate that." Do you earthlings know how often we hear that up here? To hate anything is a very powerful remark. For it is in hating that you hate yourself, and in loving that you love yourself. And everyone else for that matter.

In honor of Memorial Day weekend that most of you earthlings are so keen on celebrating (for all the wrong reasons). Suffice to say, make it memorable. Memorable with no regrets. And memorable in all due respect. And memorable in love, life, laughter and living. In every sense of those words.

Only when you put your best foot forward do you come out smelling like a rose. May you all honor thee earth God put below your feet, and nature for all its beauty. If you could see what we see, it is really quite breathtaking. May this weekend take your breath away in what matters. And bestow upon you renewal, healing and gratitude. For it is in these that life goes on.

In your minds eye or not, may this "holiday" weekend be filled with more of what matters and less on what you perceive as necessities. For it is in going within and without that you become one in nature and one with God. May you all be blessed to put aside your ego and any desire to flaunt it. And instead, consider going without any and all technology this weekend.

Yes, we wrote the book on technology up here in the Heavens and amongst the galaxies, but it is you humans that abuse it. If only for a day, put it away. For it is in going outside that you go inside, the wonderful world, web free. And we mean that in every sense of that word. We leave you in peace and in peace leave you.

Thank you sister Carmen. We are delighted to speak out on behalf of all the Sirians. Your siblings till thee end. And for all its worth, that she is. As a first wave Indigo to be exact, but we'll leave that for another post.

For today, we celebrate life, living, laughter and love. May you all go in peace to honor yourselves, planet earth and God alike. We love you. Amen and Amen, per God our father in Heaven." ~the Sirians United~

**as I continue to hear them...

"Whew, we did it. Our first public post." Me: and for title? Sirians: ahh, silly us. Please call it, An Eye For An Eye, A Tooth For A Tooth

Yes they're being silly. And they're rather stoked to share some of what they see. As for the "World Wide Web" they mention, it is exactly that. Thee Internet and technology that have a hold on far too many. Like a cobweb. It is their wish, that this weekend be filled with offline memories in the form of a digital detox. Even if that means, time to dust off thee old Polaroid cameras.

May you all take their message for what it is, and be blessed to start next week feeling refreshed. Having enjoyed life and living it hands free.


Me: good to go? Sirians: Woo Hoo. We love it and we love you.

**they're too cute!

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