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America Will Be Beautiful

Several unpublished writings later, the Universe speaks. In conserving energy, my conversations with God and thee entire Universe remain my daily dose of priority blessings. This conversation was on election day, prior to outcome. They are all genuinely concerned for, not just America, but all off planet Earth.

Blame game gets old. Pointing fingers has three directed at you. And excuses? How's that working for you? Nobody can pull us from any ditch, Hell hole, or depth of despair. It's an inside job. Flexible people don't get bent out of shape, they get stronger. Inventory and troubleshooting go hand in hand, if you wanna reserve a spot with the bright side of the Universe, maintenance is key.

After some off-the-record chatting that morning, I decided to take notes.

Me: are you sleeping? **YEP! God talks in “his” sleep, and OFTEN. God: yes. We were praying for America. There are many whose lives will be shattered. Time will show what it means for the rest of you. As our Saint so eloquently stated, we can now usher in the New World order sooner. She not being a fan of either, but knowing damn well He will get the ball rolling in a snowball like manner. We could not be more happy to begin our work. Those of you right with me, getting out of your comfort zone will be your reward. You do not earn your wings in a pile of shit. You earn them hitting rock bottom. Our Saint allowed herself the latter, complete with horrific events. What she got in return, not a single person has yet to match. The Universe is at her beck and call.

We cannot say we don't care. But at the same time, life goes on and we are delighted with thee outcome. We bid you farewell. We love you all, which is why things happen for a reason. You can title this, "America Will Be Beautiful." ~The Universe~

Of course, anyone can talk to them. But chances are, 99.99999999999 to infinity percent, they won’t answer. Not if you live according to planet Earth. You can talk and pray your weary heart out, it’s thee actions that speak louder than words that get you on their Galactic map.

As they fade into, "la la land" God says. "You may encounter some backlash, but what you resist persists." Agreed! Which is why I chose to be miserable for a short time (in scheme of things) than the rest of my life.

Anger poisons your soul. Not to mention the power you hand over to the person you're angry at. Want liberty and justice? Forgive where you think you can't. Freedom doesn't get much better than that.

Want more of what’s important? Get out of your comfort zone. Dying is easy. No easy way to Heaven on Earth. Silence is golden (and needed) if you long for the desires of your heart and soul.

Things forever not going your way? Consider it a blessing. Universe is trying to course correct the path you're on. But you gotta be fearless! Some of the worst things that happened to me turned out to be the best. Because of that, I'm connected beyond my wildest dreams. I’ve also discovered three weeks being key to adjusting to anything life threw at me. Should you decide to ignore the calls, they'll just bump up thee ante more. In any number of ways, dis-ease included.

For me it was a near death experience. Many tears later, made me stop and change course. Flexibility will see you thru, fear will hold you back. The rat race, complete with hamster wheel, has you spinning your wheels going nowhere. How’s that working for you?

The Universe rewards those who take action. I channel on behalf of their best interest they have for you. Consider these writings your heads up.

All of planet Earth is in dire need of divine intervention. If not now, when? May you be blessed to stop pointing fingers. And instead look at the three pointing back at you. Respond accordingly or react childishly. Just know, in order to move forward, the blame game and excuses need to stop. Because, living in the past doesn’t get much worse than that. Planet Earth will be empowered, with or without a president. Ready or not.

I realize the livelihood of many will be affected. But make no mistake, Universe has your back. I also know, just when you think you can’t take anymore, they open their door. Only the strong will ascend. Thee others? “Crash and burn,” God says.

May you be blessed to see life thru rose colored glasses. Only then will your heart sing. Amid the noise pollution some call life. Dream it, or play like you mean it.

Om... Shaka laka!


"Wow! Talk about adding your two cents. Very good Di. Now can we eat?" ~God~

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