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Aliens or Celestial Beings?

Circle of life in its truest form. I cannot get over how blessed I am. Then to stumble upon tail end of an "Ancient Aliens" rerun, a couple weeks ago (while house sitting). Some things are just meant to be.

Thee epiphany after epiphany is unreal. And all in perfect timing, as I begin nonstop channeling (Sept. 1) to rewrite the Bible for God, Jesus and our Mother Mary. God says, tell them it will be done by Easter.

So exciting that it'll include what many other religions know. Celestial Beings, also known as Star Gods. If you watch that series, you'll understand a tad more. As the Master of the Universe herself shares.

UTOT: Di, you are thee only one that has referred to the New Earth as going back in history. You're right. Last night's episode got your brain in high gear. The next episode will blow your mind forever. That will bring on even greater epiphanies. --- --- feels like a fool. He's going to contact you. Me: do I respond? UTOT: no Me: he realizes he's been regurgitating misinformation that's already out there. UTOT: he won't be the first. There's not another human that has the insight you do. Me: what about young Indigo man or brother Matt? UTOT: we won't go into detail yet. A Time Traveler you are. Me: except, instead of worm holes, it's teletransporting. UTOT: that call from Egypt was no mistake. They will be contacting you. We love you so much. You have no idea. That's all this episode." ~UTOT, Master of the Milky Way~

I'm still in FREAKIN' awe. It's all beginning to make perfect sense now. From a child until today, the signs were there.

May you also be blessed to read between all lines. Especially those that you feel you gotta leave home to get.

Me: is it okay to write that? UTOT: yes Di. We commend you on such bravery. Thee End."

And to think these shows aired in 2010. That's what I get for no TV. Info packed! What's not to grasp?

During show (in the dark) conversation/notes:

Me- I can't WaIT TO REWRITE BIBLE UTOT: it's time. I can't believe how quickly ur getting it. Di. Ur history in the making.

**at end of 2nd episode...

UTOT: thank you. You have no idea what this means. We r thrilled to have u. Me: so... I'm a Time Traveler. Indigo kid my son. He wrote what I dictated in my sleep. UTOT: that's it! Me: UNBELIEVABLE !!

In closing...

These "Aliens" did not visit, they ruled! And, FYI... It is WE that look like them, not thee other way around.

UTOT: we love this.

Food for thought from 2nd episode... Did life begin in the solar system? Where do you think the elongated skulls came from? Or those subjecting their children to cranial deformation in dire attempt to mimic Gods? From Egypt, Peru, Zuni tribe in New Mexico, China? Look at Pharaoh.

Since the beginning of time. Mention of flying boats (or carpets) Star Gods, Sky Gods and more were depicted. Did ET's reproduce w/ humans? Then there's Sirius, Dog Star and Indigo. A post of their own. And so much more on that episode alone.

getting my mind boggled in the best of ways....


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