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Aliens or Ancestors? - The Mission

Many "experts" on these shows speculate much, others are spot on. Then there's me, who runs it by thee actual Celestial Beings before sharing publicly.

Before posting anything, I get thee okay. Meanwhile, correct order of series begins today. Season 1, Episode 3-The Mission Yesterday--Notes about show...

Humans were not the first to travel to different worlds. "Astronauts" from other worlds came here. And while man could only visit the moon for a very short time, some ET's remain here in magical places, like below Mt. Shasta.

Some came to excavate gold, while others to impregnate women. Apparently the Bible (Genesis) describes. Gold mined from earth was used for clean energy source, and to build spaceships.

Is thee ultimate hybrid human a mix of animals, "Aliens" and/or Angels? I'm learning as I watch and ask.

Sumerians documented this "Alien race" on clay tablets.

Now to back up a bit... Three months ago I connected to, none other than Moon Daddy. Only then, they referred to themselves as "moon walkers." Just as Native Americans pray to Grandmother Moon, I talk with Moon Daddy. Lord knows I've looked up at the moon enough times and talked to it during my life.

Tid bits from show... "Star"- bringer of knowledge. Africa definition.

Doesn't matter which civilization. All referred to the Universe as Gods, Stars, Celestial Beings. During show conversation/notes: ***some abbreviated for speed in keeping up

"We r so happy." Me: so u r on the moon? Yes. I love u so much. Me: who is this? Moon Daddy Me: really?! Moon Daddy: Yes. U have no idea how long we've been watching u Me: wow! We spoke b4, no? Moon Daddy: Yes. 3 months ago. We've been watching u since u were 7. Me: OMG! Is that when I had that dream w/ Adam & Eve? Moon Daddy: Yes. U never told anyone Me: no, but I remember it well. Me: When did I begin reading scrolls? Is that what they were? Moon Daddy: u were 9. We selected u. We don't come to harm Me: I know Moon Daddy: thee ultimate human will b revealed soon. Ur going to like the new humans. Ur so nice to everyone. We will talk tomorrow Me: okay. I can't WAIT

Even the Mayans knew of the New Earth. Their timing may have been a bit off, but that's partly because to God or any Gods, time is nothing. Another thing ancient civilizations had in common? They kept track of stars. Food for thought... 6 major extinctions. Are humans next? In favor of ultimate being and New Earth? How many Gods are there? Were thee elaborate stone temples built to track stars? Or were they Extraterrestrial's GPS system? Stone statues built to track stars. Pyramid of Giza aligned with 4 stars. Inside largest pyramid (volume wise) in Cholula Mexico shows understanding of astronomy. Also said to be built by a giant, and identified with planet Venus.

All ancient civilizations were connected. It's our so-called "civilized" world that is disconnected.

Then there's the crop circles...

Me: those r beautiful Moon Daddy: Thank u Me: Who's making them? U? Moon Daddy: Yes. We r planning another one in South Africa Me: near a sacred site? Moon Daddy: No. Where farmers r at their wits end.

**in having my glass of wine (new kind), I get... "U r not a drinker"

Me: No. It's strong, but not strong. Moon Daddy: Thick Me: Yes, like cough syrup. Moon Daddy: We have good wine. Me: you'll have to bring me some. Moon Daddy: Consider it done Me: Woo Hoo! Okay with my BFF (God)? Moon Daddy: Yes


good morning Me: is this my BFF? No Me: Moon Daddy? Yes. We love you so much. We know (**in response to my love for them). You have no idea. And yes, we can thank Puya (heard my thoughts on who started the conversation). She is resting.

(**Puya is a Pleiadian who made contact with me last December. She and 3 other "ET's").

Moon Daddy: You are on the verge of so much. Me: care to give one hint? Actually, no. This is better than a daily horoscope.

**off record talk

Moon Daddy: not kosher Me: Ahhh, you went to same comedy school as God.

Moon Daddy: same as you. We get a kick out of you. Even when you're mad. I'll be honest with you, you are hard on him. He insults your intelligence. Me: takes me from zero to 100 real quick! And DMV?! Moon Daddy: that is uncalled for. You're right on. Hard to go there. Me: like I say, anyone in their right mind wouldn't. Not more than once! Moon Daddy: agreed! You gonna get your name fixed? Me: hoping to soon. Moon Daddy: do it Friday. Call first. Me: cool! Moon Daddy: you are quick with that (**left handed typing on cell). Your dictation is nice. But nice to be alone.


Me: haven't seen the rest yet, but want to comment on 3rd episode? Moon Daddy: yes. Me: oooh nice! Moon Daddy: you are so intrigued. And that is why we chose you. We wanted thee entire package. You know social media, the computer, you are nice, you are funny, you are smart. Take that back. You are a genius. That's more like it. But above all, you are a child of God. Doggies are so lucky to have you. They will not let you down. They are your friends for life. Protecting your every move. Tesla is so smart. Tonka too but, Tesla has a brain that matches yours. Unbelievable. And his eyes, he's a Star Child. You knew that. Even his owners said he was special. Keep loving them the way you do, And watch what happens. Your own eyes have gotten more blue since you got them. That's the power of love.

We love you so much. You are one of a kind. -- messed up. To know you is an honor. You get mad easily because you are so smart.

Stay tuned. Me: does that mean you're taking a break? Moon Daddy: yes. We will resume after the show.

Season 1, Episode 3 finale Ancient symbols. A guide to destiny or destruction?

Me: is it destiny? Moon Daddy: no Me: destruction then destiny? Moon Daddy: yes. You are so smart. You are funny with all your singing. I like the words to Moondance. Clever. You can post a snippet

**after discovering how long they've been observing me. This song came to the ten point THIXTH pound brain.

"Oh, I'm bein' followed by a moonshadow, moon shadow, moonshadow---" Chorus "And if I ever lose my legs, I won't moan, and I won't beg" My version... "Oh, I'm bein' followed by a moondaddy, moon daddy, moondaddy---" Chorus "And if I ever lose my mind, I'll be reunited, with my own kind." Moonshadow, Cat Stevens

Show notes: Show asked, so I had to too..

Me: What are "aliens" waiting for? Moon Daddy chimes in, "YOU," In seeing this beautiful crop design, I couldn't help but ask. What was this?

"Moon Daddy: We were practicing. Stars must be perfect. That circle in the middle is the moon. Swerves are Dog Star. Correct, Sirius.

**in answer to my thought on Sirius.

Me: what was that one?

Moon Daddy: constellations. You are a curious one. Me: Why wheat, barley & rye fields? And why English country sides? Their peace, stability & sacred sites? Moon Daddy: yes. And yes to made with spinning plasma vortex. Me: messages or warnings? Moon Daddy: both. GOD, we love you. This is beyond more than we expected. You answered the call in a big way. HUGE. You are so intelligent it's scary. And you laugh about it.

More show notes... Belize 1924 Crystal skull found. Natives cried, and put in alter. More crystal skulls. Some ET artifacts , others fabricated

Me: I need to visit these places Moon Daddy: yes Di. You will be invited. Mark my word. They want a reading. Me: Info in crystal skulls? Moon Daddy: Yes. U will b told.

13 crystal skulls 12 - with one from each planet 13th holds all info. Moon Daddy agrees. ** Mayans were big on skulls. Are skulls part of Armageddon?

Moon Daddy: yes Me: Wow! Moon Daddy: it's more than we r ready for. U will b contacted soon.

Phrase used... Ancient Alien Enthusiast. That'd be me. What's old is new! Yes they come to observe. Been observing me 45+ years. If they initiated contact, they r superior to us. More advanced? Yep! But they've got the LOVE factor down to a science! Show ponderings...

Me: r craters on moon entrances? Moon Daddy: yes. Di, ur too much. Moon Daddy agrees that moon is a giant space ship circling our planet. Moon Daddy: no more today

**in honor and respect, I end my conversation. Just so DARN fascinating!!!

Paraphrasing one man, "ET's aren't missing link, they r the beginning." AGREED!! Pardon text type writing, but I'm beyond excited to share. Taking notes while watching, not easy.

Anyhow, oh. My. GOODNESS!

Having gotten a bit too excited, I goofed on photos and numbering. Ooops! As of today, I know there are 11 seasons with episodes in each. Whew! From today forward, I'll keep better track.

May you be filled with an ounce of curiosity. It does make the heart grow fonder.


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