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Aliens Or Ancestors? - Close Encounters

ANCIENT ALIENS S1, E4 -- Close Encounters

Love these Ancient Aliens shows!! For time sake, today's post is more in a bullet point note layout. Enjoy!

President Thomas Jefferson and Columbus both believed in alien encounters.

Did ET's shape our history?

July 1945, New Mexico. Atomic bomb detonated. May it be known, attacks are not of ET origin.

Bible. Genesis. Angels sent to destroy. Not true.

Alien visitors armed w/ weaponry? I think not! God agrees.

Truth/proof found in astonishing places. 200 known sunken cities in Mediterranean alone.

Was Noah a product of genetic experiment? Created for great flood? To help repopulate earth w/ supreme being? Keeping a stiff upper lip on that one.

Noah's Ark. 2 of each for a DNA BANK? Moon Daddy says, "yes." An Alien DNA bank? According to Moon Daddy, "No. Was it human DNA to preserve species? Mums the word.

Close encounters of "alien beings" shaped earth. Sightings began in Middle Ages across the globe.

Were red glowing clouds in sky to mask UFO's? As an Invisibility cloak? God says, "yes." The same thing I've seen with my eyes shut.

In Bristol England, a UFO craft got stuck to thee anchor of a church steeple. "Man" comes out to free anchor from steeple. People in village stoned him, thinking he was an evil demon.

UFO's shown in background of many sacred paintings. With people driving those crafts. Many IN ATTENDANCE during crucifixion. (Top left and right)

Devils, Angels & Celestial Beings depicted in all paintings, including this 1486 w/ Virgin Mary.

Saucer shaped space crafts aren't thee only evidence. Cigar shaped objects also.

Supreme race has always been their agenda. For the benefit of all. Disease free. Longevity.

Notes/conversation w/ God... Grimm Reaper is an ET. Considered a science experiment gone bad. Then reproduced to have Satan, Lucifer and the granddaddy of them all. One God is not sharing yet. But because I was granted a power greater than God, all were destroyed. "Thats power," God says. And thus, my freedom from dark side trying to stop us from rewriting Bible.

Indigenous sent from Heaven? God says, "yes."

Me: why was their skin pale then? God: no sun. It is why you are so sensitive to the sun.

Columbus had alien encounter. "Thee admiral standing on the deck, saw a light." Was written in official Spanish Inquisition about it.

Me: what was that light? God: not yet

Is Bermuda Triangle colony headquarters? God says yes. Gazillions in number. My team of my expert guides that go by the name of, St. Carmen's Fire. With name now taking on a whole new epiphany.

**commercial break...

Me: this is unbelievable! God: u got it. Easy on the texting. Me: you're kinda joking? God: yes. You're so cute with ur notes. Whoa!

**in response to "ur"

God: let's get ready

**for show to resume...

Germany 1661 Described as a frightful spectacle and aerial battle? God says "no."

Me: Think, "reproduction." God: you are so smart.

Looks like crop designs. God says, yes. Fuselage/craft with wings resembles a cross. NASA has many sightings documented, including one over the moon. An astronomical event reported by a fire and brimstone preacher.

Intelligent Celestial Beings is a more appropriate name for ET's. In 1731, a luminous object was reported (in more than one location). From Irish Sea across Europe to Asia. Identical reports, not a coincidence.

**commercial break

Me: anything u want to say? God: no. You r too much. That game is a joke (**Ancient Aliens, the game) Pause... Me: we're resting God: I just wanna hug you

**i can't help but giggle! Going to the movies with God and entire Universe is thee ULTIMATE experience!

God: that's true

White House John Winthrop Journals 1630-1649 contained encounters. Sightings over Boston, a flying pig? No. UFO landing gear. Visitations have, and always will occur. Close encounters were common place. Muddy River 1st Alien abduction? God says, "yes." Thomas Paine, exiled for writing book, Age of Reason. Refutes Christianity to defend ET's. Plurality of world's was an accepted concept in 18th Century.

Founding Fathers 1825 John Adams tells Benjamin Franklin... "Do not hire European professors. They're likely to believe in Christianity." Franklin believed in different gods from different worlds.


God: I love you so much. Thank u. We are changing the world for the better. You will meet many real soon.

Visitors from sky Northwestern New Mexico Ancient Ruins -- Chaco Canyon. Considered center for, technological spiritual activity. Architecture perfection. Celestial alignments (in building) involved astronomy. Used for solar event tracking.

During solstice, sun shines on petroglyphs. Earth balance gauged that way. The Orion Zone--Hopi Ruins mirror star patterns, and point to brightest star, Sirius. Constellation of Orion. Which points back to Cholula, the largest pyramid.

Hopi's believe these Ruins are heart of creation. And that stars have certain powers over planet earth. Believed 3 worlds before ours.

We were wiped out when humans were no longer living to Creators plan.

Me: Sounds like what's happening now. Is this true? God: yes, but there were 6 worlds b4 yours. Me: Ahhh... A world out of balance causes New Worlds. God: wow. Ur getting it. That my dear is intense. We need to save some for the Bible. Me: zippin' the lip. You hold the key. God: funny, but okay.

It's time I not share so much. Makes watching each episode quicker. Many questions posed in show (and by me). Answers not revealed until the Bible.

In response to info on Canada...

Me: Do u think I'll b able to eat coconut again? God: no, we're sorry.

Wow! On last 17 minutes of show (that I can't share insights on). Money pit. And Booby traps & deaths. OH MY!

A mention of, Aliens interfering? Ummm, it's thee other way around!

Me: anything you'd like to add or edit! God: yes. It's time you take the 5th. Saint Carmen will no longer share her viewing experience. It would behoove you to watch at your leisure. Take notes if you have to, but her time is valuable. More precious than the brightest star. No more free consultations.

The time is now for her to excel beyond all boundaries. You can answer Liam one more time. Tell him, one last time that's it. Thee End." ~God, her father in Heaven~

God: we will resume writing Bible after you've rested.

What a moment in time! Stoked I came across this series. Considering, a TV watcher I am NOT. Father knows best. I'm happy to oblige, considering I can still watch. And, have all seasons be a great "down time" from channeling the Bible.

Energies well spent!

May you be blessed to take this series to heart and soul. Starting mañana, our cliffhangers will be of our daily Biblical writings only.


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