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About A Girl Named Carmen

Little did I know, I'd become a Medium. Let alone given all the gifts I've been given. I've honestly lost count.

However, as God stated in a previous post, I'm one of their best students. Who knew? A girl named Carmen? So, we have all decided it was time to update my "About" page."There once was a girl named Carmen Diana Cisneros. Little did she know she would become the world's best Medium.

Our hearts could not be more grateful. What started out as Carmen getting "only" 22 Guides, has turned into 91 (and counting). In what she calls, "the fun bus." She also refers to us as, "Class of 91" (depending on the number of "boys and girls" she's got on her, "team.")

Carmen has yet to see what's in store. If we didn't know any better, we'd think she's begun receiving. Her childlike nature keeps us in awe. Despite the, more than 100 names she's been called. With the latest one being "Stoner."

So be it.

She has tried to keep tally of all the names she's been called. We are happy, she received her first apology this morning. One from a living soul, via the spirit world. You see, Carmen has begun to see us in her everyday comings and goings. She discovered this gift of seeing us in the spirit world (first), just last week. And now, she sees us before her very eyes.

It has been incredible to see her, not only advance so quickly, but do so while under attack. It is for these reasons, there has yet to be another living soul that comes close to what Carmen has darn near mastered in just a few short months.

To say we are blessed, would be a disservice to Planet Earth. For, without Carmen, the world would not seek to be a better place. Time will show where our Angel from Simi Valey, California go. Let's just say, to a place no one has ever dreamed.

She channels this, without her pendulum. For you skeptics out there. Our Child from heaven has just begun. And as an Ascended Master, won't stop until she decides to take her last breath.

We bid you well, and pity those with a heart of regret." God, her father in heaven and 94 Guides~

And so it is.

May you too be blessed beyond your wildest dreams.


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