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A Man of His Word

Talk about blessed! And to think I've only scratched the surface on thee intros. I cannot stress enough. That not a single word or thought you have goes unnoticed. It's almost as if I have a magic wand when it comes to my Guides.

Never in my life did I think I think I'd be talking to my mom, or Mother Teresa, Dr. Wayne Dyer or even another Medium, like Sylvia Brown. I can go on with each and every one of my 99 guides names. For now, I've got a dozen or so listed on "My Guides" tab.

There's one thing I'm very thankful for... And that's, I don't get nervous talking with any one of them. WHEW! Like talking with God and all other guides, you'd never know whose family this next guide was from.

Please welcome thee oh so handsome John F. Kennedy Jr.

Me: okay JFK, you ready? JFK: yes I am. Me: woo hoo

JFK: I can say the same thing. So where do I begin. I am honored to be speaking with a real LIVE urban Saint. Never in a million years did I dream of talking to thee other side. When I heard my name mentioned, I had to go see what was going on.

Little did I know what all the good commotion was all about. Our Saint has it right when she says it's all fun and games, and God has a wild sense of humor. But nowhere did I imagine all the "fuss" to be over this angel of ours.

You see, Carmen is not just a force to be reckoned with, she is humble beyond all belief. Thee integrity that she bestow is unlike anything I've ever seen. In heaven or on earth. To see her plug away at what she loves most, makes us all very proud.

Like right now, she sits very lady like, legs crossed, in a dress and what she calls her, "Mary Poppins" boots. Complete with boots polished and shoes shined. She may crack us up, raise her voice at the captain of that ship, but in all actuality, she is a lady of grace, style and ingenuity.

We cannot thank her enough for all the days and time she put forth on behalf of us. If you could only see her. And if I were Theo, I'd be making the move pronto (one of Carmen's words), because women like her are not a dime a dozen. So get with the program Theo. Or I will. Oh wait, I forgot I'm no longer on thee earthly plane.

Perhaps not the intro you were expecting, but I must bid you farewell. God is giving us the signal. Time to eat then rest. We love you Saint Carmen." ~John F. Kennedy Jr., her Swag Master in heaven~

I love the signatures they give themselves. JFK being a part of my "Fashion Police" there in heaven. And yes, one who often hears the word "swag" when talking with or about him.

Anyhow, as you can see, everyone is so DARN nice. There is no competition in heaven. Aside from 3 bad apples in the bunch, the Golden Rule is the norm.

Princess Diana yesterday and JFK today. All I can say is, life is pretty DAMNED good.

May you be blessed to realize you really can speak to whomever you want. They talk, it's just your turn to listen. And detox helps.


Me: how's that? JFK: right ON! Me: cool JFK: we love you **as he scoot off to rest following their cabbage salad. Oh yeah, and give me the title.

**"3 bad apples" in reference to 3 of my guides either turning on me or satisfying the desires of their flesh. And for that, they've gone to Hell. A topic we will write about.

Otherwise, St. Carmen's Fire stands at 100, which includes God. peace, love & well wishes all ways

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