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A House Is Not A Home

"Taking a backseat to life is the road you were not created to take. For it is being in the driver's seat of your life, that will get you thee outcome you desire.

Nowhere in the bible does it say, relax until the cows come home. As our Saint laugh. Got your attention tho, didn't it? Readers, it is you I'm talking to.

That what you wish for, wishes upon you. Stay with me on this. Since when does wishing upon a star bring about the changes you're looking for? Since when does blowing out a candle for a birthday wish, amount to anything? Hardly ever. If ever, I might add.

What does bring your wish about, is seeing it, feeling it, and living as if it is on the way. You've heard our Saint say, what you think about you bring about. While that is partly true, it is mostly true. Why and how? Because some things are out of your control. Need a perfect example?

Here it is. Bear with me my Child. But, her broken wrist was no accident, and she knows it. The near death experience was also intended. Why? Because she was predestined to become a Medium, even if brother Matt did not choose our Saint. However, thee outcome we did not intend is for the doctor in thee emergency room to pull her bones out of place by leaving her in traction longer than was needed. I'm almost finished Saint Carmen.

Why did we allow this to happen? Something that has left her wondering. Knowing very well, we can fix anything. Also knowing, we did it to keep her from driving that big rig cross country. A 30+ year wish she almost crossed off her "bucket list." We did at least grant her the license some 4 years after going thru with her plans. Notice I said "her?" That's the point I want to make.

You can plan your life any way you want. Question is... How's it working for you? Do you feel as if your swimming upstream or dog paddling your way thru the muck you call life? If this is you, I can tell you right now. Take the next detour that tickle your fancy. May or may not be the right one, but it beats insanity. Go ahead and tell them thee urban definition."

Me: doing the same thing and expecting different results.

God: good my Child. Now, some may ask how our Saint got into such a lifestyle, she's been on for more than 10 years. That's easy. First, she chose to become caregiver to her mother then to 4 children. And where are those children? Off doing well in their own world. Only now, there's 5. And thee only one that yearns for her "mom" is Aliana Carmen. Yes folks. But that's another story that has yet to end.

Where were we? As our Saint sigh. Bear with me Carmen. This post will come full circle if you'll allow me. I can see you're in pain again. It doesn't end unless you medicate. Soon you can day and night. But you know as well as we do, you can't just anywhere, yet.

For those new to reading what we write, the pain relief we prescribed for Saint Carmen is medical marijuana. Yes. And should any of you feel the need to call her a Stoner, just know, you will be judged.

As for our Saint and this post, here it is. My Child, we think it's worth your while to continue to look for that perfect rental. We also agree on the places and counties you're looking into. In due time, you will buy another home. And I do believe you know where.

Me: yep, now that I've confirmed. YAY! God: you don't have to tell me this isn't the post you wanted. I know. We know, but, we are still on thee aftermath of that bodyguard gone bad. But, you and I can both agree, that entire ordeal is almost behind you. We continue to be truly sorry for all the hardships that it brought about. We did not see any of it coming. But you knew. You tried to "get away" when the lies began.

We did not heed your requests. And he did not give up. I take that back. He did in the worst of ways. Suicide, for those that don't know. And all of which leaves our Saint no longer able to be alone. This coming from a woman whose lived alone for more than 15 years. Including her 6 months on the mountain.

I must round this up. I see you getting restless. What you need now is to rest. Try not to fall asleep this time. As you say, it messed you up for a good night's sleep. We see your tears and thee intense burning it cause, as she types with one eye open, alternating between the two. We are glad that no matter what, you continue to laugh.

And now for the rest of you. Got a plan you're considering pursuing? Go for it, but only if you know in your heart it sits well in your belly. That gut feeling I gave you. Use it or lose it. To think your brain knows better, is to think I made a mistake when I created you. Sure, decisions require some logic behind them... But nowhere in the bible did we use our mind more than our spirit.

That's right. Just as you have a "voice within," you have the power to make any decision the right one for you. Because, what's right for others, won't always be right for you. So, unless you're consulting a God appointed (and anointed) Medium, then I suggest you stop asking anyone and everyone what you should do.

For it is in listening to your gut, thee inner voice that you will receive the wisdom you need to make every decision the God appointed one. Yes, tho only a mere fraction of planet earth's members are living on purpose. But, you know what folks, Saint Carmen got tired of consulting with "life coaches," that did nothing more than treat her like a number. No, no, no. The fastest way to upset our Saint is to treat her like a number. I'm happy to say, she's made that known time and time again. She also became a certified Life Coach herself after firing two others. Didn't think I remembered, huh my Saint? Like your many isms, I remember everything.

Now to finalize today's message. You get what you give when it comes to your calling and happiness. Nowhere in the bible was happiness based on how much money you had. Nowhere in the bible was criticizing the lifestyle of another allowed. Judgement for wrong doings, yes. Critical assumptions from thin air, no. I am done tolerating the lack of respect of many. Readers of this website or not. Respect will get you where you want to go. Respect for yourself will bring about health in every area of your life. You have that, and the world is your oyster.

It is in happiness that dreams are made. And it is in happiness that lies stop. To each their own, yes. But, how's that working for you? Yes, this is still God talking. I can also go on, but suffice to say, I won't go any further on the miserableness of half the world. I say 1/2 because it is in those far away countries that barely have enough food and water to sustain them, who are the happiest. Now what does that tell you?

I leave you with that food for thought. Our Saint must rest and load up on some more matcha tea. Something she is very much DIGGIN. If I may borrow that from her. We bid you farewell Diana. Yes, we are allowed to switch it up a bit, every now and then. It is her mom that has us calling her Di. A Saint to all, a sister too, and a daughter in the hearts of us all. Quite the genres of parents she has. Enough.

We love you. Amen and Amen. For title, please put, A House Is Not A Home. Use your judgement on whether to add your Guide Luther's verse, in regards to that song of his. Goodbye my Child." ~God, your father in Heaven~

"I'm not meant to live alone." ~Luther Vandross~

Of all the verses in that beautiful song of Luther Vandross, this is thee only one I could partially relate to. In God talking about finally being home bound. I'm ready!

I do know from experience, buying a house did not make it a home. Just as, many-a-paycheck did not bring about my purpose or passion. As for living alone, those days are over.

"I guess if you have an original take on life, or something about you is original, you don't have to study people who came before you. You don't have to mimic anybody. You just have a gut feeling inside, an instinct that tells you what's right for you, and you can't do it in any other way." ~Barbra Streisand~

Nothing compares to that voice within. Your God given gut feeling. How to know? If your brain says yes, but your gut screams NO. Go with your gut. And vice versa.

May you all be blessed,


Me: this post good to go God? God: yes my Child. Well done, we love you. Now rest.

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