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A Changing of The Guards Is Upon Us

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

A changing of the guards is upon us. Not quite in plain site yet, but it will affect any and all on earth, right down to the royal family.

So many false prophets these days with others spouting their false downloads or research. I've had to stop watching many "influencers," for a variety of reasons. Either they're spreading false information, their ego is too big to stomach, or they waste my time on literally stupid s***. I used to love listening to Robert David Steale because he kept it short and to the point. However, when I complimented him, he like many ignored my comment. Not the first or last. The list is long, with some being famous, while others a tad too self righteous for me.

Changing of the guard signs are upon us with signs everywhere. From the natural, tho mostly man-made depopulation disasters to the slew of red tail hawks flying over me a lot lately.

hawks flying over me again

God has also been giving me a ton of back to back visions lately, with some listed below. Mostly great, (for me that is). Wherever and whoever you are, there has not been a better time to get right with your soul. Your God. Your powers that be. Provided they are on the bright side of the Universe.

This video is one God agrees with, and goes into more detail on the changing of the guards being upon us. There are only a select few I like listening to these days. My attention span is short, and I literally hate having my time wasted. According to God, I also have autism so I get lost in details. Sure there are some whose information I like, I just cannot handle the lengthy talks with not enough substance to keep me listening/watching. I especially hate when many preface their talks with "issues" they have about certain individuals. Or they waste my time pointing out perceived flaws of others. So very shallow and childish if you ask me. I find bullet points best, and appreciate those who get to the point. Like AI does.

Meanwhile, God has been giving the lyrics to this song for some time. Many other songs, but this has been the latest. I believe he's letting me know he's on the way. No sweat off my soul. I'm ready!

I've seen all good people turn their heads each day

So satisfied, I'm on my way

I've seen all good people turn their heads each day

So satisfied, I'm on my way

Something grand is near, tho not until after the dust settle. Not only does pride come before the fall, but the fall of the cabal is underway. Sadly, one plus side to many of the mass murders by way of the endless environmental disasters are the thousands being rescued. This is huge because "natural" disasters have been used to round up many children, never to be seen. Time will tell on the children of Maui, as for now, it's not looking good.

I cannot imagine what so many children have been put thru, including those coming across our borders. How dare the parents send them off. Talk about fear of the unknown in a foreign country. God help them, as the numbers of unaccounted continues to rise.

Never in my life would I have believed what is going on. But the time for truth, freedom, liberty, justice and full disclosure are well underway. With the latter being huge. I leave you with visions (VFOS - Visions From Outer Space) God has been giving me. Not always easy to document, so please excuse typos and/or grammatical errors. They are listed left to right, from top down.

visions from outer space 1
visions from outer space 2

Hawks mentioned >>> shown above. So many more, including a video I did not have patience to upload. The rushing water I was shown, which also has a positive meaning.

visions from outer space 3
visions from outer space 4

Oftentimes when my POTS (postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome) roars its ugly head, dark energies try to take me down. Spirit world is so very real. Key is to be fearless. Or risk being labeled with mental illness. HARDLY. Schizophrenics are not crazy, they are connected.

Change is in the air as we await the changing of the guards. I for one CANNOT wait. As I see God giving me a peace sign.

Be safe and be prepared to be blessed. Just know, it does take getting right with God. No religion necessary.


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